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Nov 24, 2012

[Kazuhide Uekusa] “Election for Policy Selection” - The Public Makes Decision on Nuclear Power Plants, Consumption Tax and TPP

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – November 18, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Unknown Truth” by Kazuhide Uekusa – November 18, 2012

“Election for Policy Selection” - The Public Makes Decision on Nuclear Power Plants, Consumption Tax and TPP

The 46th Lower House general election is to be held on December 16.  Election campaign with only one-month left before decisive vote has been launched.

The number of seats held by each parliamentary group at the time of the dissolution of the House of Representatives is as follows:

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ): 233
Liberal Democratic Party: (LDP): 118
Kokumin no Seikatsu ga Daiichi (People’s’ Life First):  45
New Komeito: 21
Japanese Communist Party (JCP): 9
Minna no To (Your Party): 7
Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party): 6
Social Democratic Party (SDP): 5
Genzei Nippon (Tax Cut Japan): 5
People’s New Party: 3
New Party Daichi-True Democrats: 3
Midori no Kaze (Green Breeze Party): 2
Taiyo no To (Sunrise Party): 2
New Party Nippon: 1
Independent: 19
Vacancy: 1

Politics for the people with sovereign power, which was realized through the general election in 2009, has been destroyed and got back to politics for vested interests.  In the upcoming election, the point of issue is whether it is likely that such politics will be changed into the politics for the people again.

Therefore, the election campaign will be the race between vested interests and the people with sovereign power.

Please look at the number of parliamentary seats at the time of the dissolution again.

The People’s Life First, SDP, New Party Daichi and Green Breeze Party hold 55 seats in total. On the other hand, only 10 seats are held by Your Party, Japan Restoration Party and Sunrise Party combined.
The mass media try to disproportionately blow up the minimal group with only 10 seats.

Merger between Japan Restoration Party and Sunrise Party is the very picture of “illicit union.”

This indicates that vested interests are simply trying to get anti-DPJ/LDP votes.

You can tell this by looking at each policy of the Japan Restoration Party, Your Party and Sunrise Party, which is completely the same as that of the vested interests.

The point of issue in policy is definitely “Nuclear power plants/Consumption tax/TPP.”

The people with sovereign power should vote for such political parties that clearly set a goal of “Denuclearization/Anti-consumption tax/Anti-TPP” and win the majority of parliamentary seats held by the parties.

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