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Nov 10, 2012

[Iran Radio] Genocide of Myanmar Muslims Part of UK-Saudi Global Ploy

Mr. Billington tells that the genocide of Myanmar Muslims is part of UK-Saudi global ploy.  Therefore, he should not agree with the U.S. official view that the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 were made by terrorists.  In this sense, the parts in red of the following article seem to suggest quite an important meaning.  Is there anybody who has more detailed information about this?

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese version of Iran Radio – November 2, 2012 –

Genocide of Myanmar Muslims Part of UK-Saudi Global Ploy

 Mr. Mike Billington, a political analyst, tells “The genocide of Myanmar Muslims is a global ploy by Britain and Saudi Arabia.”

Mr. Billington told in an interview with Press TV “The massacre of Myanmarese Muslims is beyond a mere human rights issue and the crisis should be viewed within the context of the greatest global strategic crisis in the history of modern civilization in the post-9/11 era.”

The Myanmar government refuses to officially recognize Rohingyas as citizens and maintains that they are illegal immigrants.

Assault on Rohingyas living in Rakhine State, western part of Myanmar started in June 2012, and over 300 Muslims have been killed and many people have lost their houses for the past couple of days. 

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