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Nov 12, 2012

[Hibi Tantan] Document Blog: Warning from Research Group of Kyoto University- Looming Threat of Superflares

“In Unity Design’s blog on April 22, 2011 I introduced an article about the possibility that massive solar flares will cause loss of power in most areas of the world, which will result in a critical situation of nuclear power plants across the world.  This article also gives us the same warning, and yet warning of unprecedented dangers.  We should listen to such warning from scientists and try to make nuclear power plants disappear on the earth as soon as possible.”

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: “Hibi Tantan” Document Blog (Source: Nikkan Gendai – May 19, 2012)

Warning from Research Group of Kyoto University- Looking Threat of Superflares

Massive Solar Flares

An annular solar eclipse has attracted a great deal of attention to the sun across the country.  In such circumstance, we suddenly have heard worrisome news.

According to the news, it is likely that massive solar flares, which were thought not to occur on the sun, will occur in years to come and inflict devastating damage on the earth.

It has been found out by a research group led by Professor Kazunari Shibata of Kyoto University Attached Observatory.  The results of analysis, posted in British science magazine Nature dated May 17, have caused wide repercussions across the world.

Prof. Shibata says:
“As a result of data analysis of around 83,000 sun-like stars observed by an U.S. exploration satellite in 2009, it was confirmed that 365 superflares had occurred on 148 stars.  It was thought that superflares would not occur without the presence of a gas giant near a star.  As the sun does not have such a star near it, it was thought that superflares would not occur on the sun.  However, for the 148 stars confirmed to have had superflares, none had gas giants near them.  Therefore, there is a possibility that superflares will occur on the sun.”

Moderate-sized flares have often occurred on the surface of the sun.  With explosion, the sun releases radiation and plasma, which have some effect on the ionosphere and magnetic field of the earth.  Even middle-sized solar flares caused the nine-hour massive blackout in Quebec, Canada in 1989, which 6 million people suffered from.
Superflares are 100 to 1,000 times stronger than any known solar flare.  Prof. Shibata warns that superflares will have catastrophic effect on the earth.
“At first global scale blackout will occur.  In Japan, important infrastructure such as trains and hospitals will stop to be operated.  Nuclear power plants will also be dangerous.  And only over a few hours radiation 1,000 times stronger than annual average exposure dose (2.4 mSv) will shower down on the earth.  The ozone layer will also be in serious condition.  Incoming radiation will destroy the whole ozone layer surrounding the earth and harmful ultraviolet radiation will shower on the earth.  It could be that the sun will emit high-energy charged particle radiation toward the earth and 3,000 satellites will all fall to the earth.”

“Solar flares will attack the earth within this year.  They will cause $1 trillion to $2 trillion damage in the U.S.  It will take four to ten years to make the country fully restored,” some American researchers predict.
The scale is too large to get the picture.  Annihilation of mankind is drawing every moment.

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