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Nov 13, 2012

[Chartered Libertine] Solar Flare: Maximum Activity Period Said To Be First Half of 2013

“This article is written in an easy-to-understand manner.” (Comment by Hacchi, staff, posted on Shanti Phula on October 25, 2012)

English translation of a Japanese article: Chartered Libertine – June 6, 2011 –

Electromagnetic Pulse of Solar Flare

It is said that solar flares will cause a massive magnetic storm in 2013.  I watched a video explaining about this magnetic storm.

Nuclear explosions or solar flares cause massive gamma rays to hit the atmospheric layer of the earth.  Gamma rays collide with the molecule of nitrogen and oxygen, the electron within the molecule is hit out, and electrical current is generated.
This current generates microwave when it goes through the magnetic field of the earth.
Massive amount of current generated at speed showers down on the surface of the earth.  This is electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

There is some concern that EMP will inflict damage on IT infrastructures such as mobile phones and Internet.  However, actually, far more large-scale problem is likely to occur.
At first, power grids spreading over a wide area break down.  Power cables which serve as antenna receive EMP and spread it through power grids.
Overwhelming degree of high electrical current (different from high voltage) destroys power grids which have sufficient insulation ability to bear it, and then directly hits transformation installations.
Like this, massive blackouts are easily completed.

Furthermore, high-energy EMP transmitting through the air showers down on the earth at the speed of nanosecond and it has IC such as microchips short out.

It causes not only blackouts but causes engines of cars, trains and airplanes which use microchip to stop being handled all together.
Flying airplanes inevitably fall down because hydraulic maneuvering system is controlled mostly by microchips.

Wireless communication and pumps of water utility are unusable, and reactors of nuclear power plants start meltdowns here and there with cooling means cut off.

Hiroshima-type a-bomb had the power of 13 kilotons.  Current nuclear missile has the power of close to megaton.
If this is exploded 500 km above the surface of the earth, it is said that EMP is generated and the pulse can inflict serious damage on social infrastructures not with its destructive power caused by explosion but by destroying electronics.
Like microchip, with the narrower space between electrodes it is made, the more easily EMP destroys it.
In a word, the more heavily a country is dependent on microchips, the less tolerant to EMP the country is.

In 1962 when the U.S. conducted a 1.4 megaton hydrogen-bomb test in the Pacific Ocean, there were many reports about electrical abnormality which included blackouts and communication circuit interruption, and malfunction of burglar system in Hawaii islands.
At that time, vacuum tubes were commonly used.
Vacuum tubes with wide interelectrode space can easily tolerate high voltage.
However, today semiconductor IC is the mainstream trend and it is less tolerable to high voltage because of narrow space with electrodes.
In-circuit spark burns off the circuit and the system goes down.
In a word, power return will not operate the system again because of physical failures.

Cars in which many chips are used for fuel injection and valve adjustment lose travelling performance and stop in line on the street.
In March this year, many people living in the Tokyo area walked silently.  If the same thing occurs in foreign countries, looting or assault will occur.
Everything will stop working: essential utilities such as water, electricity and gas, and infrastructures such as public transportation and communication system.

It will cause dysfunction of global financial system and confusion in politics, economics, medical services, education and military.
All countries will be not only confused but with stoppage of water and food supply, advanced countries, among others, will face a rapid population decrease.
We will lose the means to harvest mass-produced, centrally controlled crops.  This will also cause developing countries with growing population growth to stop growing corps.

The sun has an activity cycle.  No large-scale magnetic storm has occurred since human beings constructed a civilization depending on microchips.
However, if such magnetic storm should occur, it is said that EMP similar to a nuclear explosion will shower down on the earth.
In addition, if it is impossible to cool reactors of nuclear power plants everywhere, world civilization will be forced to turn back to several stages all at once.

Furthermore, solar observation data apparently shows the activity period of the sun and maximum activity period is said to be the first half of 2013.

It is said to be not a common groundless prediction but a scientific event.  Don’t believe me if you don’t want to.

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