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Oct 15, 2012

[Tokyo Shimbun] True Nature of Kasumigaseki Bureaucrats Seen in Play of Pocketing “Reconstruction Budget”

This article is about the second round of human folly.
Probably banks are positioned around business circles.  Central bank is above them.  I wonder when humanity will come to understand the self-evident truth that unless ambition to climb up the ladder to status as much as possible disappears, peace of mind is never attained.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ankoku Yakou – October 9, 2012 –

True Nature of Kasumigaseki Bureaucrats Seen in Play of Pocketing “Reconstruction Budget” – Opportunistic “Extended Interpretation” and “Exploitation” of People

♦*”Hissen”  Tokyo Shimbun’s column – October 8, 2012 –

Japanese bureaucrats are very kashikoi or clever.  Of course, the prefix “zuru” (cunning) is put before the word.  It is a piece of cake for them to stretch short wordings in laws and administrative documents which are seemingly difficult to understand.

▼One after another have been revealed facts that reconstruction budget was used for projects unrelated to reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas; approximately 4.2 billion yen for fusion energy research, 2.3 billion yen for research whaling project, 330 million yen for repair of Tokyo’s National Stadium, and so on.  It is said that a massive amount of money was also spent to renovated government office buildings in local regions other than disaster-stricken areas.

▼This has resulted from the inclusion of the wording “ to realize the rebirth of the whole of Japan as an affluent and active country into the basic policy for reconstruction compiled by the government in July last year.  Though there seemed to be political demands, reconstruction budget turned into the threshing floor of a killing field where ministries and agencies compete for it.

▼Approximately 63 percent of groups which applied for subsidies to support affected small businesses were rejected for the reason of “shortage of national budget,” our newspaper reports.  The money really needed by disaster-stricken areas never reach them.  What is reconstruction budget for?  That is like putting the cart before the horse.

▼The people have tolerated tax increases over 25 years because they believed that the budget would be used exclusively for earthquake disaster reconstruction.  Bureaucrats stubbornly insist that “We just act in accordance with government policy.”  They have not any sincerity.

▼Expecting sincerity of national officials could be just like expecting fishes of a greengrocer.  The government has major responsibility for letting bureaucrats want to do.

Governance Structure in Japan

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