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Oct 5, 2012

[Ryusaku Tanaka] Repeated Lies Concerning Ohma Nuclear Power Plant Procedures for Resumption of Construction To Be Taken Today

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – October 1, 2012 –

English translation of a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – October 1, 2012 –

Repeated Lies Concerning Ohma Nuclear Power Plant   Procedures for Resumption of Construction To Be Taken Today

Females protesting against the construction of Ohma nuclear power plant, in front of the head office of Electric Power Development Co.
= October 1 noon at Ginza in Tokyo   Photo: Tanaka =

Use of the word “childish shallow trick” will make children angry.  Nuclear policy of the Noda administration is a lie known to everybody.  In spite of the assurance that “construction of new nuclear power plants is not allowed”, the administration is going to give permission of the construction of three nuclear power plants including Ohma and Shimane.

As the operating life of a nuclear power plant is said to be 40 years, a newly constructed nuclear power plant will be operated for 40 years until the middle of the 2050s.  The word “to phase out nuclear power generation by the 2030s” is an utter lie.

Upon the “lifting of the ban” by the government, the Ohma nuclear power plant run by Japan Electric Power Development Co. (located in the Shimokita Peninsular, Aomiri Prefecture) quickly expressed the resumption of construction work.  President Masayoshi Kitamura visited the local communities and expressed that the company will start taking procedures to resume construction work.  Construction of the Ohma nuclear plant started in 2008, but it has been suspended since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011.

Environmental groups and citizens called for “opposition of construction” in front of the head office of Japan Electric Power Development Co., Ltd (located at Ginza in Tokyo) at lunch hour today.

“We have sufficient electricity.  We don’t need dangerous electricity made from MOX fuel,” they made an appeal toward a gigantic building of the company.

It is planned that plutonium-uranium oxide fuel, MOX fuel will be produced in nearby “Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant.”  However, the plant has not been operated due to repeated occurrence of troubles.  Even an executive of the company is said to have told to a Diet member “It will not be operated for a while.”

Unless the utility company ensures that it will “operate the reprocessing plant,” used fuel will be returned to it by Aomori prefectural government.  To avoid such situation, the company tries to construct the Ohma nuclear plan to generate electricity with MOX fuel produced in the reprocessing plant.

To cover up the first lie, they lie anew.  It is a story symbolizing irresponsible, makeshift nuclear policy.  It is grand fiction.

Under the facilities of the Ohma nuclear plant lie an active fault.  Once a big earthquake occurs, it is likely that a nightmare of Fukushima will be repeated.

Finally, I want to say “what ordinary people dislike most.”  Once a radiation leakage accident should occur, we cannot eat well-known Ohma tuna any longer.

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