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Oct 10, 2012

[Record China] Real Enemy is not Japan but U.S. – Conspiracy Having Led Japan into Economic Stagnation of “Lost Decade”

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takehsita posted on his blog – October 6, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – October 1, 20121 -
Source: Record China 

<Senkaku Islands Issue> Real Enemy is not Japan but U.S. – Conspiracy Having Led Japan into Economic Stagnation of “Lost Decade” – China Media
Posted: September 23, 2012 6:19

On September 20, 2012, China Net posted an article “Worsening Japan-China Relations – U.S. Biggest Winner Having Fished in Troubled Waters.”

“Collapse of Japan-China economic cooperation and bilateral trade war is the very thing U.S. wants,” Mr. Ho Maochun, Chief of Tsing Hua University Economic Deplomatic Research Center and Senior Researcher of China Research Center for Public Policy, points out.  The U.S. has continued to respond ambiguously to the Senkaku issue.  According to Mr. Maochun, this reflects the U.S. secret intentions to weaken East Asia and maintain its grip on global economic hegemony.

Among anti-Japanese sentiment, some Japanese corporations in China have been forced to shut down operations.  This method will certainly impact Japan’s economy.  Furthermore, if Japanese corporations withdraw from China and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among Japan, China and South Korea is postponed, it will have a negative impact on economic growth in Asia.

Chief Maochun points out that if so, it is he U.S. that will become happy.  In the 1980s, the U.S. tried to take every possible means in exchange rate, finance and trade to stop the rising Japan’s economic power.  It resulted in Japan’s “Lost Decade.”  And since 2008 the U.S. has started to target on China.  Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) without China is a good example.

“I understand the patriotic fervor of Chinese citizens and I think that the incident has made Japan understood our non-negotiable line.  However, we have to make it clear that in the current world, the question is a competition between China and U.S., not one between China and Japan,” Chief Maochun argues.  (TranslatingEditing/KT)

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