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Oct 2, 2012

[Ankoku Yakou] Dying “Terminal Patient” America About to Collapse – It’s Time to Review Japan-U.S. Relations

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takesita posted on his blog – September 28, 2012 –

English translation of a Japanese article: Ankoku Yakou – September 28, 2012 –

Dying “Terminal Patient” America About to Collapse – It’s Time to Review Japan-U.S. Relations

U.S. economy has increasingly gotten out of control and the country is just like a dying patient and barely survives with the help of monetary policy, quantitative easing round 3 (QE3) as “emergency transfusion” FRB forced to adopt.

Strangely enough, the mass media has fueled concerns over crisis of EU so much, but while it reports the sluggish and stagnant American economy, which is supposed to be on the verge of the greatest crisis, but never mentions its crisis equal to national collapse.

FRB repeatedly adopted the monetary policy quantitative easing round 1 (QE1) and round 2 (QE2) to put off the inevitable and this time it has adopted QE3; it has issued a significant amount of greenbacks by further running rotary presses.  Naturally, U.S. will be challenged by “collapse of the dollar.”

If FRB issues an astronomical amount of greenbacks, which lack supportive evidence by gold kept in Fort Knox, the dollar will apparently be devalued.

With less coverage by media, Japanese are unfamiliar with the reality that actually as global trend, a move to change settlement currency from U.S. dollar to Chinese yuan or euro has been accelerated.

In other words, the move is “separation from dollar.”

A decade ago, if a country had tried to shift its settlement currency to euro, the U.S. would have imposed “strict economic embargo” or “economic occupation” on the country as in the case of Iraq ruled by Saddam Hussein.  However, the “terminal patient” U.S. with complete lack of money has actually no financial power or national power to wage wars of aggression.

In the U.S. under such circumstances, however, a small handful of the rich occupy a limited amount of wealth and low-income earners as well as moderate-income earners have started becoming bankrupt.

The number of the poor is steadily increasing and many households which lose not only jobs or income but also houses have appeared one after another.

Furthermore, the number of people without medical insurance has reached approximately 50 million (an increase of 0.9 million people over last year).  You can imagine how they are miserable.

I think that there are quite a lot of people who still believe the “declining country” U.S. to be a “mighty nation” which will stand by Japan and underestimate the tensions between Japan and China.  They expect too much of nothing but a phony word “Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.”

However, my opinion is that “Japan-U.S. Security Treaty” is already “fantasy” and will have no effect on Japan’s relations to China and Korea when it comes to the crunch.

It is not too much to say that “Japan-U.S. Security Treaty” after the end of the cold war between USA and USSR is nothing but a “stuff” which is utilized to have Japan donate “sympathy budget allocations” amply and purchase U.S. military aircraft in bulk by “purposely” creating state of tension; sometimes war on terrorism and other times making North Korea as an imaginary enemy.

And now in the midst of increasing tensions between Japan and a new imaginary enemy China, the U.S. arms industry plans to make massive profits through “heavy trading” with Japan.

“Japan-U.S. Security Treaty”, of course, can be discussed from a different aspect.  However, I’d like you to think of the meaning of the treaty in the light of the question: “Is the U.S. really in a position to do something for Japan?”

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