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Sep 30, 2012

[The Voice of Russia] Russian Girl Working As Model In Japan

The bracelet around a girl’s wrist appears to me to be the chains slaves are tethered by.
In the past there was an incident in which a Korean actress killed herself in distress caused by forced sexual services.  In the modeling industry, girls should take various lessons before making good money on their jobs as full-fledged models.  They borrow money from their production agencies to pay for the lesson fees.  There are some lucky girls who become popular models and pay back borrowed money, but many girls are forced to prostitute themselves to pay back the money they owe to the production agencies.  People tend to take a look at one side alone though the industry has both sides of light and darkness.  So they don’t realize that the dark side is not unusual in the industry.  We should think that it is a longstanding practice to make these females prostitutes.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: The Voice of Russia (Japanese version) – September 7, 2012 –

Documentary Film, Featuring Daily Life of A Russian Girl Working As a Model, Released (+VIDEO)

   Photo: irsolo.ru

A new documentary film “Girl Mode (Original title: Devochika-Modeli )” with a high-school girl from a poor village in Siberia as a leading character has been released, Anna Klasen, correspondent, reports.  There are many girls like Nadya coming all the way to Japan who are promised a future in which they will be able to further their careers as models.  Klasen lists up the dangers they are likely to go into.

The first danger is prostitution.  It is not easy to make a debut in the modeling industry.  A girl appearing in the film says that there are not a few cases of trouble in which girls try to become models in vain and finally prostitute themselves.

“They strictly watch Nadya’s intake of food to prevent her from having her broader hips by even one inch.”

Magazine publishes seek for skinny teenaged girls.  Once she starts to have female-like chubby body in the slightest degree, the agency will cancel the contract with Nadya and get her back to her home.  Models like Nadya are left completely unknown to what advertisement they work for and modeling fees paid by magazines do not go them.

They should not get angry or place any demand.  Models should meekly obey to agents.  Chigran, an agent, takes girls to the place where there are dead bodies of other girls to teach how to behave themselves, otherwise what will happen to them.

In spite of difficulty awaiting them, the number of girls coming to Japan with the dream of becoming stars in Asian show business is increasing year after year.