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Sep 23, 2012

[The Voice of Russia] Pentagon’s Secretary Visits China

Things seem to be going along according to the vision (14) Serena-san had.  As seen in this article, efforts by people of sound judgment and gods will prevent a war with China.  You might think where there are people of sound judgment in Japan, but Defense Secretary Panetta must probably have met with the top official of the Self Defense Forces (SDF).  Retired SDF officials should keep in close touch with the U.S. and China in secret.  Have no fear.

Masatoshi Takeshita 

English translation of two articles of The Voice of Russia (JP) – September 17, 2012 –

Pentagon’s Secretary Visits China

 U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta reached China on Sunday evening and started his first visit to China as Defense Secretary, Xhinhua News Agency reports.  During a four-day-visit, he will meet with his Chinese counterpart Xian Guanglei, give a lecture in Chinese Military Technology Laboratory and visit the naval base in Tsingtao, eastern city of China.

According to the China Defense Ministry’s report, Secretary Panetta’s visit to China is part of bilateral military exchange to be planned for this year.  In the meeting in Beijin, they will also discuss bilateral military exchange mechanism and counter-piracy joint military exercises.  His visit to China happens to be made in the midst of China’s tense territorial dispute with Japan, the closest ally of the U.S. in Asia.  Before visit to China, the Secretary visited Tokyo and expressed his concern about growing tension in the relations between Japan and China.  However, at that time he stressed the neutrality of the U.S.

RIA Novosti

Defense Secretary Panetta Calls for Japan and China to Resolve Territorial Dispute through Diplomatic Means

On 17th U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta called for Japan and China to put on the brake over the issue of Senkaku islands (Chinese name: Diaoyudao).  Secretary Panetta told reporters after meeting with Japanese leaders.

Defense Secretary expressed his view that all countries are interested in Japan and China’s maintaining good relations and finding appropriate means to avoid spreading conflict.

Defense Secretary Panetta pointed out that every single action related to the territorial issue threatens to bring about serious outcomes.


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