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Sep 9, 2012

The Sun Ring from the Pleiades

The Healing Photos of the Sun Ring: Possibility to Minimize, or even Neutralize our Risks of Radiation Exposures.

Information from Mr. Masatoshi TAKESHITA
English translation was reprinted from the Kokopellinas’ Wind Blog.

This could only be at the qi [i.e., etheric] level (»Wikipedia: 'Qi'), and I am not talking about our physical level with some specific data. I fear a Geiger counter will not detect any change. 

Photographed at 11:34 am of June 11th, 2012
Click here for a better quality photo

Three photos of the sun ring are posted to the Kokopellinas’ Wind Blog.

Shown here is the first one.

This sun ring is sent out by a Goddess called “Me no to hi no mi - u tsu su - hi me Sa ma” of the Pleiades.

The photo seems to project some sort of extraordinary light, which might be able to neutralize or detoxicate radioactivity.

I printed it out and placed my food on top of it for a while. I felt that it had somehow neutralized the contaminated food to an edible point.
However, this could only be at the qi [i.e., etheric] level, and I am not talking about our physical level with some specific data. You might not detect any transformation, measurable on a Geiger counter nuclear radiation monitor.
Even so, it has a chance of producing some visible results at the physical level, if we utilize this light coming out of the photo.

I expect further efforts by researchers.

June 13th, 2012

Additional Information on “the Sun Ring of the Pleiades”, (the Second Picture)

We have some additional information from Mr. Masatoshi TAKESHITA on the previous article, “the Sun Ring from the Pleiades”:

I have discovered that we can actually use two first photos of the sun ring, that were posted on the Kokopellinas’ Wind Blog.

Photographed at
11:34 am of June 11th, 2012
»Click here for better quality photo        
Photographed at
11:37 am of June 11th, 2012
»Click here for better quality photo 

The Photos are from an article, “The Healing Sun Ring,” on June 11th, 2012,
reprinted by courtesy of the Kokopellinas’ Wind Blog.

The photo on the left, taken at 11:34 am, works on body-surface chakras.
The photo on the right, taken at 11:37 am, works on outer-body chakras.

Thus, here is how to use them:

Print out the two photos,
Place your food on the first photo (of 11:34 am) for about 5 minutes,
Next, place the same food on the second photo (of 11:37 am) for about another 5 minutes.

This procedure does seem to lower the risk of radioactive exposures, although limited at the qi level. It means chakras on the outer-body and body-surface routes will not decrease their rotation speeds, even by touching the previously contaminated food.

I try not to buy any food, if I sense that the rotation speeds of my chakras had decreased as a result of handling the food. All comestibles with artificial additives lessen the rotation speeds of the outer-body and body-surface chakras. Among 7 major chakras, the lower three (i.e., Muladhara, Swadhisthana, and Manipura) tend to decrease in particular.

All contaminated nourishments with radioactive materials also lead to the remarkable reduction of chakra rotation at the outer-body and body-surface routes. However, the process of placing food on the two photos of the sun ring can prevent the change in rotation, if the contamination is due to the radioactivity.

This occurs only on the qi level, but it surely reduces the danger of radioactive exposures; since every food we take is not absorbed solely by the intestines as nutrients, but also through every chakra as prana [i.e., life force] energy.

Source: 7 Major Chakras on the male outer-body and body-surface routes,
from the Oriental Medicine Course of Masatoshi Takeshita.

I fear a Geiger counter will not detect any change. For the physical level, we should figure out other measures, in order to solve the problem of radioactive contamination. It might be possible to neutralize it by projecting some sort of electromagnetic wave or light, and such technology may already exist on Earth.

In conclusion, I advise you not to purchase any food that could slow the rotation speeds of chakras. I understand this is easier said than done. In today’s Japan, we could hardly find any food with no contamination. If so, it sounds more realistic to consume food after having neutralized it by the photos, even the modification happens only on the qi level.

I sincerely hope that researchers develop a technology of detoxicating the radioactive contamination on the physical level, without a moment's delay.

N.B.: The two photos of the sun ring cannot eliminate the effect of additives. This means the rotation speeds of chakras on the outer-body and body-surface routes will not change, if the food is contaminated by additives, not by radioactivity.

June 14th, 2012
Masatoshi TAKESHITA”

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