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Sep 17, 2012

[Mr. Ukeru Magosaki] Tweets on Japan-U.S. Alliance (from “Tweet Before You Leap”)

I’d like to introduce some of tweets on Japan-U.S. alliance included in the book “Tweet before you leap” by Mr. Ukeru Magosaki.  According to Mr. Magosaki, Japan is dominated by Japan handlers (operatives in charge of Japan who give first priority to Japan-U.S. military cooperation, with a close relationship with U.S. military-industrial complex) who are not necessarily the mainstream of U.S. politics.  This is proved by many articles I have posted in this blog. 
However, when you read his book, you will understand very well that if Japanese politicians and bureaucrats try hard, Japan-U.S. relations are likely to be changed in completely different direction.  I expect a lot of it.  I do recommend you to read this book because it is very interesting.

Masatoshi Takeshita

(Graph shown on page 168)

Tweets by Mr Magosaki (on pages 168-169)

Reduction of U.S. military bases (1)
What is the most important problem for President Obama?  It is reduction of fiscal deficits.  President Obama has established a bipartisan fiscal deficit reduction commission and called for reducing one-third of U.S. military bases in foreign countries.  It is considering reducing two brigades in Germany; a total of 10,000 soldiers.  It also plans to reduce brigades in Europe and Asia; reduce $80 billion for a decade.
posted at January 6 (Thurs.), 2011 09:00:25

Reduction of U.S. military bases (2)
On the other hand, it is said that “Japan-U.S. relations was aggravated because former Prime Minister Hatoyama stated the transfer of Futenma base from Okinawa Prefecture/from Japan.”  Is it true?  Certainly the Japan handlers made a fuss about it.  The people in political world, bureaucracy, business world and mass media also made a fuss about it.  However, President Obama called for reduction of U.S. military bases in foreign countries!
posted at January 6 (Thurs.), 2011 09:13:26

Reduction of U.S. military bases (3)
There are people who ignore the direction of President Obama, dare to turn their back on the movement, and purposely create a crisis in Japan.  Mr. Maehara gave an order to apprehend Chinese fishing boats in violation of the Japan-China fisheries pact, and caused a crisis, which triggered activating the Korean military forces.  This was done based on the same argument.
posted at January 6 (Thurs.), 2011 09:17:49

Reduction of U.S. military bases (4)
The U.S. promotes to reduce the U.S. military bases in the world, but why is Japan alone exceptional?  This is because Japan’s sympathy budget allocations for U.S. military bases are extraordinarily high.  By looking at reports which persistently fan the need of U.S. military bases in Japan, you can tell what the U.S. really intends to do.>Editorial, Yomiuri: Strengthen Japan-U.S. Alliance to Cope With Crisis. Indispensable forward movement of Futenma  Importance of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty in Policy toward China.
Posted at January 6 (Thurs.), 2011 09:27:14

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