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Sep 21, 2012

[Mr. Fulford, News U.S.] No American Consulate Existed in Benghazi, Libya! Found to be A Farce Played by U.S. Government/CIA’!!

The red part in the article is believed to be right because this is the information from Mr. Benjamin Fulford.  Now the U.S. should claim this attacked building as the consulate after this incidence.  As Mr. Fulford points out, the building was not thought to be the consulate.  I think this residence was probably the hub for Nazi fascists as Mr. Fulford says.
I think that they are working behind the scene to start World War III not only in Middel East but over the world.  It is the people that must have produced an Internet video ridiculing Islam to throw Middle East into disorder.  However, the elements of Muslim extremists, who Nazi fascists have trained, understood the truth and realized that they were utilized to have them finally trigger World War III, I think.  It exemplifies their pet dog biting the hand that feeds it.  This is a serious problem for the U.S. because citizens who have known the truth will stand up together everywhere.
Finally, we have entered a period of upheaval across the world.
However, there is nothing to be concerned about.  Everything is perfectly under the control of gods.
Evil has no other choice but to perish.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: News U.S. – September 17, 2012 –

[Flash report] No American Consulate Existed in Benghazi, Libya!  Found to be A Farce Played by U.S. Government/CIA’!!

How surprising!

*Backstage maneuvering by Euro-American old regime in Middle East, Asia and U.S.
However, the report includes a lot of false information to fan the sentiment of people all over the world.  For example, the propaganda mass media have been sensationally reporting that “in the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 11th, U.A. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other staffers were killed.”  However, as a number of information sources point out, there is no American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  (Rewriting the truth later is highly likely.  At this time when I am writing this manuscript, however, there is no description of the existence of American consulate located in Libya, in the U.S. State Department’s website.)
Similarly, reported “attack on the American embassy” in Egypt was a complete farce.  It is reported that a crowd of people attacked the American embassy in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and tens of young people entered the compound….” But actually, there was no fact that the crowd entered the compound of the embassy.

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  1. Wow, I'm the first to comment? Ok. I agree that there was no embassy in Libya. That single fact destroys all subsequent narratives, including the very existence of Chris Stevens.