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Sep 18, 2012

[Media Association] “Comment on Politics” by Jiro Motozawa “Shizuka Kamei Roars”

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog: September 10, 2012

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Media Association” Organ Bulletin – September 8, 2012

“Comment on Politics” by Jiro Motozawa “Shizuka Kamai Roars”

I visited the office of Shizuka Kamei located at 3-chome, Yotsuya ward, Tokyo after so long.

“The Noda cabinet is a slaver of the U.S.,” Kamei says definitely.  What he points out is right.

“We have to go back to the past history.  Japan has been occupied by the U.S. for sixty-six years or so.  And yet Japan has not attained independence.  It pretends to be independent.  The peace treaty is nothing but a nominal and ostensible one.”  First of all, this writer wants to welcome it together with many people that such politicians who give exactly the right thing have come into being.

“After the war, the U.S. got control of not only Japan’s politics and economics but also Japanese spirituality.  Great impact after the defeat in war has made the Japanese government readily obey Washington.  Shinsuke Kishi was given money by the U.S.  Twenty-five Japanese policymakers were hired and paid as servants.  Such people dare to call themselves conservative mainstream and have been under the thumb of the U.S.”

Even now every time a specific problem comes out, they depend on the choice of the U.S.  In that case, therefore, politicians have to cope with it with considerable resolve.  Hatoyama is the first prime minister that did it.  How awful JDP members were!  Hatoyama should not have given in without a fight; he should have insisted on transferring the Futenma base from Okinawa Prefecture/from Japan despite of the possibility of creating some discord with the U.S.”

<Matsushita Seikei-Jyuku Graduates, LDP & New Komeito, and Mass Media Including NHK Bow to Washington>

It was the DPJ of Matsushita Seikei-Juku graduates that sided with Washington.  So were bureaucrats in Kasumigaseki and two opposition parties of LDP and New Komeito.  Above all else, mass media including NHK took the initiative in maneuvering public opinion.

The ruling party, two opposition parties, Kasumigaseki bureaucracy and mass media hindered the Hatoyama cabinet with a goal of Japan’s independence from moving toward the goal, to drive him from power.  Is such stupid but rather funny thing be acceptable?

The group subservient to the U.S. had the Hatoyma Cabinet resigned, while they tried to expel Ozawa out of the political arena.  They mobilized the mass media and the prosecutor to achieve their aims.  The prosecutor representing justice, that is supposed to act in accordance with the law and evidence, have strayed from the fundamental rule, worked in an all-out effort to defeat their political opponents and thrown the world into confusion for these several years.

Even the New Komeito and the Japan Communist Party, lovers of fair arguments, volunteered to take a leading role in CIA covert operations.  This is exactly the world of comics.

<Anti-Nuke Demonstration Predicts Changing Times>

Kamei participated in the anti-nuke demonstration surrounding the prime minister’s residence.  The riot police of the Metropolitan Police Department and police officers who were directed to guard the residence must have been surprised to see him.  The public anger at Noda, who deployed the riot police in free peaceful demonstrations by citizens, has increased and as a result anti-nuke demonstrations have spread over across the country.

On July 29th, 200,000 citizens (announced by the organizers) got together to oppose nuclear power generation at Hibiya Park, Tokyo.  What a huge number of participants!  They surrounded the TEPCO buildings and the Diet Building.  Kamei predicts that “This indicates that times are going to change.”  Throwing himself into the circle of demonstration, he must have felt it in his bones.

Anti-nuclear power generation, anti-10 percent of consumption tax, anti-Osprey deployment, and anti-TPP are all interrelated with one another.  Countless numbers of citizens have risen up together to protect their life and livelihood.  It heralds a new era.  This writer takes the movement as changes in politics, economics and society, which can be called “Tokyo spring.”

This movement is an open rebellion against the media.  We should pay tribute to the daily “Nikkan Gendai” which started covering this movement from the beginning four months ago.

<Internet Election Affecting Voting Scares DPL Lawmakers>

The swirl of weekly demonstrations surrounding the prime minister’s residence and big rallies & demonstrations at Yoyogi Park and Hibiya Park is about to change Japan.  “The effect of it will be seen in the upcoming election.  It will change the current politics,” Kamei proudly says.

He is confident of citizens’ change of mind.  “Citizens who act by using the Internet will lead the election.  Information from the Internet will reach voters who appear at tens of thousands of polling stations across the country.  Everybody will vote based on information they gain; who approved a 10 percent tax increase, who approved restarting nuclear power plant operations, or who approved or opposed the Osprey deployment.  This cannot be controlled any longer.  Voter turnout will be high,” Kamei says.  It is not unpredictable.  It is virtually election on the Internet.

“The DPL lawmakers have already been scared.  More and more lawmakers will leave the party.  Before long, they will decrease their seats to 50 or 60.  It is impossible to form a coalition government of DPL, LDP and New Komeito after the election,” he states positively.

The problem is how to clean up after the election.  For the time being, Kamei’s assignment will be to integrate the anti-nuclear power generation, anti-big consumption tax, anti-Osprey deployment, and anti-TPP into a whole.  He himself points it out.

As for how to act before the general election, he says that it is to form a united front.  “I am preparing to establish procedures,” he also says.

Hatoyama is a feudal lord within the party and Ozawa another feudal lord after leaving the party.  Both of them continue rattling Noda.  What a smart strategy it is to share roles among the three!  I wonder who planned this strategy.

“Ozawa honored his words.  Hatoyama is a laughingstock of the party.  However, he acts, fully understanding everything.  He seeks for the best time to leave the party,” Kamei explains.  He seems to say as if there were no problem to form a united force.

<Powerful Four anti-nuke lawmakers>

Kamei has recently revealed that it is his close aide Akiko Kamei, a member of the House of Councilors that played the lead in helping three anti-nuke lawmakers leave the DPJ.  “The anti-nuke group of four will play an imporatnt role,” he predicts.

The group of four, who stood up anti-nukes, formed a parliamentary group after being influenced by the demonstration surrounding the prime minister’s residence.  It is the movement which is likely to gather anti-nuke political independents.

“Finally, all will get together, Hatoyama and Ozawa, too.  Being separated, we cannot topple Japan’s feudal government.  United, we will easily topple it.  We never fail to do so.”

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