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Sep 5, 2012

[Kaleidoscope] Freemason in Middle East and Ms. Mika Yamamoto Sniped At

A Japanese journalist accompanying Ms. Mika Yamamoto is not only a “failure as a journalist” but also a “failure as a person.”  Try to grill him.  I think that he must have a little conscience.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: Kaleidoscope – August 27, 2012 –

Freemason in Middle East and Ms. Mika Yamamoto Sniped At

 Ms. Mika Yamamoto, a journalist with Japan Press, died a tragic death by nine bullets at Aleppo, northern Syria on 20th this month.

Kazutaka Sato, her common-law husband, accompanying her, gave a testimony that “Immediately I knew that snipers were government soldiers because they put helmets on.”
This is wrong.  He is a failure as a journalist.

I think that they tried to fan the flames of hatred of Japanese against Syria on the cost of a Japanese journalist because the Japanese government had not tried to go into action.

During the period of invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration, Mr. Shousei Kouda, a Japanese backpacker, was abducted at Bagdad, Iraq by a criminal group named Zarqai and subsequently he was killed.  It occurred on October 28, 2004.

And on November 29, 2003, a four-wheel-drive car carrying two Japanese Embassy officials was attacked around Tikrit, northern Iraq and both of them were killed.  The driver was seriously injured.

However, the U.S. forces immediately came to the scene and collected the bullet-ridden wagon and all other articles left behind the scene, which had never been returned to Japan.

Immediately after the incident, Koizumi, then prime minister, decided to dispatch the Self Defense Forces troops to Iraq.

This time the victim was a beautiful Japanese journalist. 
In the camera of Ms. Mika Yamamoto, a voice of a man shouting “Japan, Japan” was recorded

This is a gun attack on Japanese.
It is apparent that they had watched the opportunity for a Japanese journalist.
She was reportedly found with nine gun-shot wounds from multiple directions.

Kazutaka Sato working alongside with her says “It must be done by the government troops.”  However, I wonder why he didn’t conjure the tragedy in Iraq.

Which government troops?
Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad or self-claimed mercenary soldiers paid by CIA (or terrorists with a sugar daddy)?

Then what will happen next?
The U.S. with no money cannot give sufficient support to Israel.

Then, the U.S. will try to pressure Japan to contribute funds for war the same way as in the war of invasion of Iraq.
If so, full-fledged invasion of Syria may start this time around.

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