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Sep 24, 2012

[Jiji Press] Japan Coast Guard Rescues Chinese Sailors Off Coast of Nagasaki

This is good news.
Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: BIGLOBE – September 19, 2012

Japan Coast Guard Rescues Chinese Sailors Off Coast of Nagasaki

Jiji Press

On 19th morning at sea off the Ukujima island, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, a Cambodian-registered freighter ship “DONG HE” sent a distress call.  The Japanese coast-guard patrol ships arrived at the accident scene and rescued 12 crew members including 10 Chinese.  The photo is provided by the 7th Regional Coast Guard.

Comments on the article

* This is different from China.  We should proud of the Japan Coast Guard who did a fine job.
* As may be expected of JCG, they did a fine job though the people they rescued are those who return evil for good.
* Japan should be as cool as steel and act without hesitation as usual.  We do nothing wrong.
* Preciousness of human life should be prioritized even toward a villainous race.  Japanese should think so.
* I wonder if China will save Japanese lost in the deep in the same way as we did.
* You did a fine job.
* I hope that they will not return evil for good.
* Although Chinese were rescued, China is such a country that they will create reasons to attack.
* The Chinese found off the coast of Nagasaki are different from those who have come to the Senkaku islands.  So they are deserved to be saved.
* I wonder if a request for relief by Japanese crew will be answered even now.

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