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Sep 10, 2012

[Hyoukichi’s Doubt] What Stalking-Horse Osaka Restoration Group Intends To Do

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – September 1, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – August 31, 2012 –

Source)  Hyoukichi’s Doubt – August 31, 2012 –

What Stalking-Horse Osaka Restoration Group Intends To Do
1.     Consumption tax increase
2.     Promotion of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
3.     Restart of nuclear power plants

The people oppose the above three which the Noda cabinet intends to do.
Public approval rating of the cabinet is diminishing.
However, what Toru Hashimoto who is flattered by all mass media intends to do is:

1. To use consumption tax as local revenue (if it can be done, tax increase is acceptable)
2. Promotion of TPP
3. Acceptance of restarting nuclear power plants

These are almost the same goals as the Noda Cabinet has.
I wonder what makes them dare to say “political change.”
And yet they are the same goals as the LPD has.

In a word, DPJ, LDP and Hashimoto are all the same breed.
So why does the Group claim itself the “center of the third strongest political force”?
It is because the mass media identify the group as such center the way they want.

The group seems to intend to mystify the public by making a statement of policy, which is too long and unreadable to get the point.
You have to watch out for the above three items.

Don’t be taken in by Hashimoto, but rather be careful not to be taken in by the mass media that flatter him.
Hashimoto is a politician who sets a goal of political change but in reality maintains the status quo.  He will make the situation worse.
It is a sort of stalking-horse.

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