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Sep 15, 2012

[Hibi Zakkan] Mass Media Greatly Responsible for Having Fanned Make-Believe Play of “Restoration Group”

I quite agree about what is written in this article.             
Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: Monjyu Bosatsu – September 5, 2012 –

Mass Media Greatly Responsible for Having Fanned Make-Believe Play of “Restoration Group”

Hibi Zakkan

The “Restoration Party” like hotchpotch is said to put as many as 350 people on the party’s ticket in the upcoming House of Representatives election; 300 people in all single-seat constituencies and 50 people in proportional representation constituencies.  This is exactly height of mobocracy.

It is not necessary to criticize again the poor quality of Koizumi’s children in last but one election and Ozawa’s children in the last election.  We cannot help admit that Hashimoto’s children in the next election are unprecedentedly inferior in quality.

Mass media should refrain from news reports to fan such fad for their own profit.  Hashimoto has achieved nothing in national politics.  Although he has an Osaka Metropolis plan, a bill to realize Osaka Metropolitan government has already been passed.  The ball has been thrown back into Mr. Hashimoto’s hands.  So, all he has to do is to take specific measures necessary to dismantle Osaka City, that is, to divide the city into three or four administrative wards.  However, he will not present any adjustment proposal to the city council.  Instead he is eager to participate in national politics and has been recruiting foolish expected candidates.

The political savvy in national politics of Mr. Hashimoto in question is still unknown and furthermore, it is uncertain how much he has achieved in Osaka prefectural administration he himself conducted.  What he did is to purchase at his discretion a defective newly-built structure and convert it into Osaka prefectural government office building, which created utter confusion.  He has served as mayor of Osaka for only one year or so since he was elected.  Meanwhile he has just provided topics of interest and much ado to mass media to help them increase their circulation.

Members of Restoration Group who are likely to take part in national politics are all down-and-out ex-politicians-turned-entertainers.  We cannot find any down-to-earth person who has committed himself to national politics to increase reform-minded people while taking care of his junior fellows by the sweat of his brow.

How dare such lowbrow person can say self-importantly “I don’t work with Mr. Ozawa”?  I don’t want Mr. Ozawa to be treated in the same way as an entertainer-turned-politician imitating a young comedian.  He should know himself and watch his tongue.

In another month the “Restoration Party” led by Mr. Hashimoto will give the show away and reveal its true colors.  Then the people will recognize it as a party of useless and reckless people.  The party will put up as many as 350 candidates with Mr. Higashikokubaru and Mr. Nakata as central figures.  Even central figures can only go so far.  I won’t even comment about many others.  It is absolutely obvious that the party will be a hodgepodge of useless people.

Mr. Ozawa has continued discovering rookie politicians and fostering them in study group for more than ten years.  Even such a rare politician as Mr. Ozawa can recruit up to 100 people in total.  Consider the fact that an institute of government and management started by the founder of a home appliance maker in his spare time after retirement has provided shoddy goods, and has caused so much trouble to the people.  You will easily understand that candidates like instant noodles who have no training institute cannot be normal.

People from the Press, you have purged Mr. Ozawa of the front stage of politics by maneuvering to expose him to merciless criticism in the “Rikuzan-kai incidence” feigned by the prosecutors.  And again you get complacent of having national politics confused by a “restoration fad,” which has been created by flattering an insignificant TV personality-turned local politician.  If you do not realize that you have committed a sin deserving to die 10000 times, we have no choice but to condemn the mass media in this country as merely public relations agency for pure demagogue.

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