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Sep 28, 2012

Descent of Deities To Earth: [Rocket News] Moment of Teleportation Captured in China by Surveillance Camera

This is a real video picture.  A seemingly person in the picture is a deity residing in the Sirius System Second Level, named Sayuri-hime-no-mikoto, the sister of my wife Suzunarite-umimiko.  You will understand this if you see the picture and explanation about it in the vision (9) Serena-san had on August 24.  As a numerous number of Hotsuma deities have descended to the earth, such miracles will be witnessed all over the world.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: Rocket News – September 21, 2012 –

 [Astounding Video] Really?  Moment of Teleportation Captured in China by Surveillance Camera

Teleportation means “momentary transportation” in which a person or an object moves to a place away from the original place, that is, a sort of “warp.”  In other words, “Dokodemo Door” in “Doraemo” is may be likened to a “door-type transporter.”

Such teleportation has been considered exclusively as a stuff of science fiction.  However, the picture of a person disappearing in a moment was clearly captured in China by a surveillance camera!

The astounding picture can be identified on the video uploaded on YouTube, “CCTV camera captured Teleportation in China – September 2012.”  Which place in China is unknown, but the date is September 5, 2012 and the time 03:03 hours.

A deliveryman on a bicycle with a two-wheeled cart is about to arrive at a junction.  We see a truck with no brake applied running in the junction in the back of the screen.  If this goes on, the truck will crash with the man!

At that moment!

Mysterious light was straight approaching the deliveryman at Mach speed.  And the moment the deliveryman, the truck and the light appeared to crash, the deliveryman disappeared with explosive light!

The truck rolled by without stop.  Then the truck driver slammed on the brakes as he noticed “I’ve run down the person!”   The driver dropped off the track to check the accident site but no accident had occurred.  How surprised he was!

There was the deliveryman at the place away from the junction!

To sum it up, he had moved in a moment!  He had been teleported!  And yet he sent a package to somebody at the place where he was teleported.  He had delivered by teleportation!  Is it real?  Anyway, his life was saved!  Really good!

Surprisingly again, when the video was played back in a slow motion, “mysterious light coming closer at Mach speed” was found to be a human being.  How fast he/she walked!  Is the entity a messenger from another dimension, a spirit or something else?  Incidentally, it has not been confirmed whether this film is real or fake.

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