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Aug 3, 2012

[Shukan Asahi] Work Site in Nuclear Power Plant Drives Utility Workers Almost Crazy Cold Water Available to TEPCO Employees Alone

Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – July 29, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: 2ch Ekusawarosu (Source: Shukan Asahi) – July 26, 2012 –

[Shukan Asahi]  Work Site in Nuclear Power Plant Makes Utility Workers Crazy
Cold Water Available to TEPCO Employees Alone

Mr. Shun Kirishima, a journalist working as utility worker in Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, never masks his anger, saying “Act of TEPCO is applicable to murder.”

Early in July, a large-size refrigerator was carried into the important quake-proof building (called hereafter quake-proof building) of Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

A large volume of plastic bottled water is cooled in the refrigerator.  TEPCO employees were able to drink it at any time.  Looking at them, I felt myself feeling to get angry.  There is no refrigerator on the 1st floor where we utility workers are stationed, and we all drink lukewarm water.  Around this time, we sweat abnormally a lot from working in the plant.  However, only TEPCO employees who hardly appear in work site can drink cold water.  It is wrong.”  (Commented by a utility worker who witnessed the refrigerator carried into)

Some readers might think “They don’t need to get angry over trifles such as whether water is cold or not.”  However, summer is here and utility workers have to combat different enemy than radioactive materials.  It is heat stroke or dehydration.  When it is 30°C outside, utility workers’ sensory temperature reaches 50°C.

The outside work site has almost no shady area.  When I go to the outside work site, sweat streams down the body and the shield of my full-face mask is soaked with sweat.  Already I have a narrow view of things.  Additionally it is hard to see things around me.  With a raincoat on, unbearable volume of sweat starts to accumulate inside the mask.  High temperature and humidity drive me almost crazy

Why do TEPCO employees alone drink cold water and do utility workers drink lukewarm water?  They don’t think such situation is wrong.  It shows well TEPCO corporate character.

Shukan Asahi – August 3rd issue

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