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Aug 7, 2012

[Ryusaku Tanaka] Question about “Personnel of Nuclear Regulatory Commission” Freezes Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Diet Members in Discussion Forum with Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes

Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – August 1, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – August 1, 2012 –

Mr. Taichi Hirano, who called the public to join “Twitter demonstration,” base of Coalition Against Nukes, forces DPJ Diet members, antinuke proponents of “all talk and no action” to reveal their political stance.

At the House of Representatives Members’  Hall on 31st evening   
Photo by Tanaka

“This discussion forum has been made possible by the gathering consisting of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.  This kind of gathering is the first one in the modern history of Japan.  This is the first time (Diet members) have met people who represent not organizations but the public.”  Moderator Mr. Eiji Koguma, Keio University Professor and historian, appropriately said at the opening remarks of the forum.

Members of “Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes,” the organizer of the discussion forum, and Diet members exchanged opinions on nuclear power plant policy in the Diet on 31st.  A total of 11 politicians participated in the forum: DPL members chanting antinuke slogan just for election campaign and bipartisan members of “Zero Nuke Society,” who have worked for denuclearization.  Eleven people from the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes (Coalition Against Nukes) joined the forum.

Appeal by citizens does not seem to get through to DPJ members.
Photo by Tanaka

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan “gave an explanation” about how the key person, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda understood the situation.  According to the former prime minister, he let the current prime minister know over the phone the holding of this forum to exchange opinions.

 “Does Mr. Noda know that the public’s anger is directed toward him?”
“What?  Things are going that way?”

Members of Coalition Against Nukes have devoted themselves to denuclearization at the cost of their work.  They could not suppress their anger with easygoing attitude of DPJ administration.

Mr. Taichi Hirano, member of Coalition Against Nukes, hit the Diet members with an uppercut.  “Do you agree or disagree with the personnel of Nuclear Regulatory Commission?  Please give an answer, one by one!”

The DPJ members froze for a second.  The moderator tried to dissuade him from demanding them to answer it.  There was a band of hecklers, yelling “Why can’t you answer it?” “Unless answered, secret agreement by DPJ won’t be disclosed!”

The DPJ members reluctantly answered as if boosted up by the yelling.  Four of six adeptly dodged his question, saying “I’d like to answer after considering the debate within the party.”  Only two answered “I can’t agree.”  This is the actual state of the ruling party.  It is natural that operation of nuclear power plants has been restarted.

(Writers: Ryusaku Tanaka & Kyou Suwa)

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