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Aug 20, 2012

[Oh, Alas!] Cold Fusion Power Generator Shows Up

As was expected, cold fusion is the truth.  I knew for the first time about electro conversion at room temperature through Louis Kervan’s study.  According to him, plants do electro conversion at room temperature.  I remember that thirty years ago I read about it in a book by Mr. Joichi Sakurazawa (English name: George Osawa).

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: Blog “Oh, Alas!” – August 11, 2012 –

Cold Fusion Power Generator Shows Up

I think it is good for such technology to overtly come out.

-- quote (machine translated) --
The Cold Fusion: The holy grail of energy production is a reality

The Italian physicist Andrea Rossi put the middle of last year, a device from the public, with the help of cold fusion steam generated and should come under the name E-Cat on the market. The environmentally friendly method is based on the conversion of hydrogen to nickel and copper. The resulting heat is used to evaporate water and to drive a turbine which then generates electricity. Many media had ridiculed the physicist recently still, when he presented his invention. Now, NASA has made its views public, and confirmed that the procedure works by Rossi. Since its publication, the efficiency can be further optimized. A previously unknown buyer Rossi meanwhile also found. Rossi currently has patent protection in Italy, but still no international patent. Such an innovation could solve our energy problems in the long term but also the energy and oil companies be a thorn in the eye.

By the way, a worldwide pioneer of cold fusion is Osaka University Emeritus Professor Arata.

Prof. Arata conducted an open experiment in Osaka University in May, 2008.
A lot of journalists visited the University to get information on the experiment with three TV cameras brought in.  However, the media deliberately ignored this invention of the century and never covered nor broadcasted it.  Subsequently, any sponsors who proposed to cooperate with him to do research did not appear.  Since then, his research has remained to be accomplished.  And the Patent Agency turns down the patent application of the invention by reason of “impossibility of such technology.”

Why is this technology ignored?  It is because there are people who want to maintain the situation “where humanity depends on oil and natural gas.”  Japan’s government, bureaucracy and mass media are manipulated in accordance with their intention.

Researchers who make a study of cold fusion are globally ousted and strong pressure is put on them not to do their study.
However, the news on power generator has been released.  It shows such pressure has been smaller.  It is good news.

I want to see young researchers succeed in his study.
It would be good news to Japan with no resources.

Well, let’s explain cold fusion:

(1)   D + D = He(=helium) + energy                            D ; deuterium

(2)   Deuterium exists in seawater at a fixed ratio.  Considering the volume of seawater, we can say an unlimited amount of deutrium exists.

(3)   Nuclear fusion emits no radiation and is safe.

Helium is never produced in nature, but produced only by nuclear fusion.
Helium now existing on the earth is said to have been produced at the time of creation of the universe.
Thus, generation of helium is proof of occurrence of nuclear fusion.

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