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Aug 18, 2012

[Monju Bosatsu] End of American Dream by Yoshihisa Yamaura (August 2nd issue of “Monthly Nippon”)

People who have listened to my lectures since I started lecture activities in Fukuoka know that from the beginning, I completely denied the American dream.  From long before the September 11th terrorist attacks, I had advised that you should realize the fictitiousness of the American dream and be careful not to get involved in it.  After reading this article, you will precisely understand what I mentioned you should be careful about.  It is excellently summarized by this article.

When Koizumi yelled out “I’ll break up the LDP!” and enjoyed popularity among people, I had often mentioned “The gap between the rich and the poor will be wider and we’ll see many homeless people.  The reform toward this direction is a path to war.”  You understand the current situation is exactly what I said.  Please be very careful not to have us pave the way for war.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Monju Bosatsu” – July 24, 2012 –
Source: Article by Yoshihisa Yamaura written for August issue of “Monthly Nippon”

End of American Dream by Yoshihisa Yamaura

There seems to be dumb Japanese who still believe that the U.S. is the country of the American dream.  The problem is that some corporate managers are included in such people.

But actually the American dream has already collapsed.  Correctly speaking, the American dream itself was an elaborately concocted illusion.

American economy after the war has been favorably led by globalization of financial capitalism which the notorious military-industrial complex and Jewish financial capitalists advocate.  Especially after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the U.S. forces have been influenced by the speculation of right-wing Zionists and have continued wars intended to accomplish “Great Israel Doctrine” while Jewish financial capitalists have worked for centralization of global finance.

Failure in such centralization was the economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.
As a result, contradiction in American society, which had been covered up by expansion of financial capitalism, came to the surface at once.  To sum up, it is a big gap-widening society in the country.

According to statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Census, whites have 22 times as much asset as blacks and the gap was widened approximately twice due to the recent great recession.

Miki Tsutsumi points out in her book “Reportage: Big Poor Country U.S.” that the U.S. government has established a mechanism with which it uses shrewd tricks to draft young people who have come down to economic refugees.  She strictly criticizes the U.S. government for bringing about the social situation where such young people are forced to join the armed forces to survive.

And the number of suicides in the armed forces is rapidly increasing.

They have realized that the war for their country is too far away from justice and is manipulated by some different power.  They feel hopeless to know the fact that it is meaningless and empty to fight at the cost of their lives.

The poor become much poorer and an air of despair is covered with American society.  And now there are 43 million people who will be starved to death without food stamps (coupons provided by the government for living assistance).  On the other hand, the exceptionally rich and upper class people who have extorted financial assets from the poor have gained power.  These “new upper class people” occupy wealth and live exclusively in the gated communities (walled cities).

Such extreme social stratification has simultaneously invited destruction of social ethics and morality.  If no measures are taken to fight poverty and corporate managers have a hand in economic crimes to make big profits, nobody wants to live honestly.  We can say that virtues such as “diligence” and “honesty” American workers used to have and place value on do not exist any longer.

Materialism and worship of money is the real culprit of collapse of American society.

This is no fire on the other side of the river.
Japanese society after the war, which has naively embraced American values, has the same disease.  The current situation of the U.S. is the future of Japan.

Unless we Japanese come back to what we should be, Japan will inevitably collapse.

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