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Aug 16, 2012

[Jiro Motozawa] Security Bill Noda Aims At Is Related to War

Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – August 8, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Jiro Motozawa “Japan’s Landscape” (1121)

Security Bill Noda Aims At Is Related to War

I was asked by an editor of a monthly “The Funai” to “write on security bill the Noda administration aims at.”  The bill, a rehash of the prewar Peace Preservation Law, is a terrifying bill.  At the time of a war this kind of bill is always enacted.

Rehash of Peace Preservation Law

As is the case for the Peace Preservation Law, both the anti-spy bill the LDP administration proposed after the war and a security bill Noda/DPJ aims at now should be recognized as part of legislative proposal for war. It is a serious challenge against peaceful people.

Many Japanese never forget the fact that innocent citizens like liberalists were detained and killed under these bad laws in the prewar period.  This is also remembered by the people and researchers on Japan of neighboring countries.  This is the law to arrest and detain opponents of war in order to wage a war.  It is a trick an evil state power uses.

I have got angry with Noda who tries to establish a bad law.  This is the last target of the Noda/Matsushita NATIONAL PANASONIC administration, which has misgoverned the country as it likes.

I cannot hold anger at jurists who never say or do anything about this important, problematic bill.

As for the anti-spy bill, LDP liberalists including Katsuhiko Shirai united themselves within the party and killed it.  I wonder whether we can expect the DPJ to do the same.  It is impossible because the bill is too serious issue.  The Matsushita School of Government and Management administration is an ultraright-wing administration and the liberalist within the party are too week.

This bill should also be killed by the demonstration that citizens come together for in front of the prime minister’s official residence.

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