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Aug 21, 2012

[Ichiro Iiyma] Being At Odds With Each Other Not Wise, etc.

That’s it—this sense is it.  If we fall for the plot of bad guys, we will get involved in a war.
 Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of two Japanese articles:Ichiro Iiyma’s Little HP – August 15 and 16, 2012 –

Being At Odds With Each Other Not Wise – August 15, 2012 –

Today, I am busy with socializing with people at this time of Bon holidays.
In the meantime, I posted the following text on a bulletin board “Hou-chi-gi.”
Please read it.

I never talk about neighboring countries or neighbors, depending on my likes and dislikes.
Some Koreans are bad and others are very good-natured.
I superficially make friends with even people I dislike regardless of nationality.
One of those I dislike even helped me make a lot of money.
When I gave him some money in reward for it, he sent me very expensive Korean seaweed.

Well, the Lee Mung-bak administration shows the terminal disease of worst approval rate.
To cover up this lame-duck condition, the administration tries to have their people direct attention toward a foreign enemy Japan.
This is a conventional way of second-rate politics in which the government tries to have the people hate a foreign enemy to cover up inner contradiction.
It is exemplified by the “visit to the Takeshima islands by the South Korean president” and his comment that “Japan should sincerely apology for us if the emperor wants to visit South Korea.”
What silly words and actions!  However, my anger will make no difference.

At a proper time I spoke softly, “Everything your country’s president has recently done is not so wise.”
“You’re right.  I am ashamed as a Korean.  I am sorry” was the response of my Korean friend.
“Never mind,” I promptly answered.
I think this is the way to get along with a neighboring country.

Antagonism between Japan and South Korea, and Japan and China just pleases the U.S. warmongers.

I can keep good company with anybody whoever he/she is South Korean, Chinese or American.
That makes me happy and above all, helps me get a lot of business!  And it is mutually profitable.

The more happier and profitable life we can often enjoy under a win-win situation, the better it is.

I feel as if I were a Horie-mon.*

Wrote by Ichiro Iiyama under a pen name of Night Raccoon

Spoken Mantra in the Last Day of Bon Holidays – August 16, 2012 –

Well, when Japan and South Korea build a friendly and cooperative relationship, U.S. warmongers cannot take the lion’s share.  So they always plot out “a policy to put distance between Japan and China” and “a policy to have Japan and South Korea hate each other.”
Narrow-minded people who cannot understand this simple fact and show their hatred of South Korea and China are species despised as “Netouyo.”**

Such people, including epigones of Netouyo like Yoshie Sakurai and Satsuki Katayama, cannot get along with neighboring countries and so cannot live a happy life in wide and affluent Asia.  How poor they are!

*   Horiemon – Mr. Takafumi Horie, popularly known as Horiemon, the former Livedoor CEO
**  Netouyo – (Internet slang)  People who post rightist messages on an Internet bulletin board

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