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Aug 10, 2012

[Ichiro Iiyama] The Day I Feel Empty (August 6)

English translation of a Japanese article: Ichiro Iiyama’s Little HP – August 6, 2012 –

Photo from Isehakusandou http://bit.ly/OPIBCM

The Day I Feel Empty, August 6, 2012

Today Hiroshima commemorated the 67th anniversary of A-bombing by U.S.  The annual peace memorial ceremony was held in Peace Memorial Park.  Mayor Kazumi Matsui appealed for the abolition of nuclear weapons to the world but did not mention “denuclearization” in the slightest.  HIROSIHMA, which knows the minutest details of the nuclear threat, just appealed for the abolition of nuclear weapons but never mentioned the abolition of nuclear power plants which are nuclear weapon manufacturing equipment.  Unbelievable!

Nuclear power plants with millions times as much uranium as that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb are scattered across Japan.  At the nuclear disaster site in FUKUSHIMA several ten thousands as much uranium of that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb is still burning and is spreading radioactive materials all over the world.  And yet, Mayor HIROSHIMA mentioned merely the abolition of nuclear weapons and never disseminated the fear of radiation to the world.

They have learned nothing from the past disaster and turned their faces from the current disaster.  This is the actual state of HIROSHIMA and FUKUSHIMA (and Japan).  This is just the real world.

However, it would be fine because that is the way it is.
It is the wisest way of living to rack our brain about how to get through and survive this reality while facing it, I think.

OKINAWA is caught in a rainstorm caused by typhoon.
I can do nothing.
It is August 6.  It looks to me like an empty, frustrating and long day.

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  1. Mr. Iiyama,

    I feel for you. I am an antinuclear activist living in US. It is extremely frustrating that the same people, those who are in power to change things, only repeat the same things and are afraid to face change.

    I wish you luck in your long struggle against nuclear power; I wish us all luck because it affects us all. Ironically, it is the one thing humanity seems to have in common; immediate vulnerability to nuclear destruction.

    My thinking is the only way to defeat nuclear is to starve it: if everyone installs solar panels on their home, and finds other alternative energies very locally or changes ways of doing things, we get off the grid. If we destroy the demand the supply will stop, without question; money runs this machine.

    Of course this strategy will take some time, we need some actions now. But it's the inevitable way-the people will defeat nuclear by boycott in some way.

    I'm sorry to take up so much of your time. Please carry on with heart.