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Aug 14, 2012

[Hibi Tantan] Future of People’s Life Likely To Be Determined Next Week – Destiny of Noda Administration and Consumption Tax Hike

I think this is sure proof that Friday demonstrations have given considerable damage to Noda administration.
Takeshita Masatoshi

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: “Hibi Tantan” Document Blog – August 7, 2012 –
(Source: Nikkan Gendai – August 6, 2012)

Future of People’s Life Likely To Be Determined – Destiny of Noda Administration and Consumption Tax Hike

It was not supposed to turn out like this.  I suppose that Prime Minister Noda and Finance Ministry bureaucrats have been taken aback with the situation.

Seven opposition parties* confirmed their resolve to submit a no-confidence motion against the Cabinet within 7th.  This is of course to kill the consumption tax hike bill.  Therefore, they will submit it before voting on the bill.  This also aims at having LDP reveal their political stance.  If LDP rejects the no-confidence motion, it turns out that the party puts trust in Noda.  Common sense tells us that the LDP which has criticized the Noda administration cannot put “trust” in the Noda Cabinet.

Mr. Hirotada Asakawa, a political analyst, says:

“The LDP has been convinced that the House of Representatives will be dissolved immediately after the tax hike bill is established by the three-party agreement.
However, Prime Minister Noda mentioned the budget compilation for the next fiscal year and showed his intention to postpone the dissolution in a blatant way.  If the tax hike bill is enacted, the prime minister will evade the dissolution.  How stupid of LDP to have been cooperative with him!  They have been on the horns of dilemma; they want to enact the bill and also want to force the prime minister to dissolve the House of Representatives.  At that time the seven opposition parties expressed to submit a no-confidence motion.  But if LDP gets into line with them, LDP will completely lose face as the largest opposition party.  Therefore, they have begun efforts to independently submit a no-confidence motion as early as the beginning of next week.”

Although other opposition parties submitted a no-confidence motion to kill the tax hike bill, the LDP, which is unwilling to tune to them, is going to find another reason for no-confidence motion.  However, if the LDP submits a no-confidence motion, other opposition parties will go along with them regardless of difference in reason.

*Public anger starts getting Noda maladministration cornered.

Noda ignores the nation’s economic conditions, the people’s will and DPJ’s campaign pledge for the sake of a big consumption tax hike.  How insane he is!  To enact a bill on the hike, he joins hands with the political enemy LDP and shelves every issue on social security simply to pass the bill into legislation in the Diet.  What a confused person he is!

Although such gammon cannot go unmentioned, he used sophistry that “At this rate Japan will go bankrupt and so a tax hike is necessary” and bragged about his self-claimed “decisive politics.”  Finally, he talked tall about the compilation of the next fiscal budget and the review of right to collective self-defense.  Silly, incompetent prime minister put on airs like a great prime minister.

Even now Noda says about the no-confidence motion, “We will hold together within the ruling party and form alliance with considerate opposition parties, LDP and New Komeito and then solemnly defeat the motion.  The focus is on whether the no-confidence motion is passed or not.

Mr. Minoru Mori, a political analyst, says.

“It is safe to say that an election will surely make the country better.  The ultimate decision maker of politics is the people.  Lawmakers who support tax hikes or promote nuclear energy will never come back to political world any longer.  The LDP intends to come to power again and organize a coalition government with the remnants of defeated DPJ, but such scenario is no chance.  No-confidence motion is not the only problem.  If the opposition camp submits a censure motion against Noda in the House of Councilors, deliberations on the tax hike bill will be stopped.  Prime Minister Noda will have no way out.  This situation will be desirable for the people.”

On the other hand, a misfire of no-confidence motion will make a great difference and get this country into a mess, the above-mentioned Mr. Yaroku Kobayashi points out.

If the three-party agreement is valid and the consumption tax hike bill is forced to be passed, economy will be terribly deteriorated.  With corporate restructuring proceeding, ordinary people cannot live decently and the number of the poor and needy will increase.  Politics will turn back to the prewar “yokusan” system, a totalitarian system.  Everything will be decided by a grand coalition government as it pleases.  Nuclear power plants will be restarted one after another.  Under the name of fortifying the Japan-U.S. alliance and TPP, subservience to U.S. will be accelerated.  Not only will People’s life be completely destroyed but state sovereignty and democracy will collapse.  I wonder whether incumbent lawmakers have the good sense to fight back such tidal stream.  We are about to reach a major historical crossroads.

Probably the future of this country and people’s life will be determined this week.  We are approaching such a critical stage.

The no-confidence motion in question was defeated at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on 9th.
*”Seven opposition parties” in the original text is incorrect.  Correctly, it is “Six opposition parties” except LDP and New Komeito.

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