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Aug 24, 2012

[Ankoku Yaokou] Right-Wing Shift of Japan’s Major Political Parties - Keep An Eye Out For Bad Intentions to Revise Pacifist Constitution and Spell Out “Right To Collective Self-Defense”

Pay attention to the parts in blue of the article shown below.
I also think Mr. Ishiba will make an aggressive move.  The group which supports him must have already made a move.  We have to watch out for it.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: Ankoku Yakou ~I Give A Thought To Collapsing Japan ~ August 18, 2012

Right-Wing Shift of Japan’s Major Political Parties 
– Keep An Eye Out For Bad Intentions to Revise Pacifist Constitution and Spell Out “Right To Collective Self-defense”

Recently, Japan’s relations to East Asian countries such as “Takeshima dispute” and “Senkaku dispute” have created quite an uproar.  Then “right-wing shift” of Japan’s major political parties and politicians has suddenly come to the front.

No!  Not only political parties and politicians but major mass media have rather excessively fanned such shift.  As a result, with their patriotism tickled, even many people also have given “rightish” comments here and there: “The government’s weak-kneed foreign diplomacy is unpardonable!”, “Defend the territory of Japan at all cost” and “Take action with resolution.”

What I want to say here is of course not denial of “patriotism” but the fact that if we react emotionally, we will play into the hands of the “power of state” and the “suzerain state” behind it.

What lies ahead is evil intention to revise the pacifist constitution and spell out Japan’s “right to collective self-defense,” which we have been down this road before.

So this time I have taken up an article of “The Economist,” a British weekly newspaper, which reports Japan’s right-wing shift and the trend leading to constitutional revision.

As this is a little old article, I want you to speed read the part concerning political situation.  To sum it up: It points out that the Noda administration has embodied “fiscal conservatism” named “consumption-tax increase,” a long-cherished wish of bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry.  It introduces Shintaro Ishihara and Toru Hashimoto as firebrands, who are stirring up the political agenda, engaging in China-bashing and union-bashing respectively.

Above all, I want you to pay attention to the parts on “intentions of the LDP” listed below.

“The LDP hopes to differentiate the party with a nationalist election campaign that looks likely to border on emperor-worship.”

“And the party will seek to change the way constitutionally pacifist Japan defends itself militarily in an insecure neighborhood, with an assertive China on its doorstep.”

“The LDP (Shigeru Ishiba)’s most assertive campaign pledge will be to spell out Japan’s “right to collective self-defense” if attacked by outside forces, and it tries to advocate for the revision of Japan’s pacifist constitution.”

“Furthermore, the party wants that amendment to be part of a long-term effort to rewrite the constitution, including making the emperor the head of state , who is currently merely a “symbol of state”, and giving greater weight to the national flag and anthem.”

“Mr. Ishiba thinks that the LDP can win over the public by emphasizing the threat of Chinese and Russian claims to islands the Japanese consider their own, as well as the nuclear danger posed by North Korea.”

In view of the reckless acts of the three parties of DPJ, LDP and New Komeito, which were seen at the time of enacting the consumption-tax increase bill, they are likely to really revise the pacifist constitution and spell out the “right to collective self-defense.”   I believe that I am not alone in feeling like this.

Namely, as I mentioned above, if we react emotionally to the “Takeshima” and “Senkaku” disputes, we will play into the hands of the power of state or the U.S. that aims at revising the pacifist constitution. 

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