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Jul 26, 2012

[Video] A Girl Making Appeal to Soldiers!

I want you to listen to what a real goddess says.
Masatoshi Takeshita

from 0:15

She said:
Why you treat my friend like that!??
He is my bestest friend!
If you ear me ...
You do not crazy...
But you are realy crazy!
JUST YOU! want to go from my space!
I want justice...
Why do you come in the night?
I can't sleep in the night...
That's all the night...
You are coming, coming and coming...
Why you coming?
Why you coming...??
In his eyes I see the Sun!
In his smile I see the Moon...
And I wonder...
I always wonder...
Who is right and who is wrong...
And I wonder...
If the TRUTH has a TOUNGE!

English Translation of a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – Jul 21, 2012 –

A Girl Making Appeal to Soldiers!

You will see a little girl making a desperate appeal to soldiers in the video below.  Regrettably, however, the place is not identified.  Judging from the film, perhaps it is somewhere along the border between Israel and Palestine.  Perhaps Israeli soldiers invaded Palestinian land and kept cracking down on Palestinians.  This girt speaks English fluently.  It is said that this is not play or fake.

On June 22, 2012, local people staged a demonstration on the spot and were appealing for something to Israeli soldiers.  A brave girl suddenly stepped forward and began to spontaneously make an appeal to them.  Perhaps one of her friends was taken away.  The soldiers listening to her seem to go all quiet and to be unable to do anything.  What this girl is appealing for is very significant.  Stupid adults cannot make such an appeal.  Perhaps this very girl was born to accomplish a special mission.

If adults in the world, especially men learned from her, and laid down their weapons and stopped wars or struggles which they are forced to stage by those with power, the world would be peaceful soon.

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