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Jul 4, 2012

Rotten NHK - Syria is State of War

NHK has consistently merely relayed the propaganda released by Europe and America on the Gulf War, air strikes against Afghanistan and the Iraq War.  It has now been revealed that the causes for which the wars were justified were all false.

However, NHK has not yet given any public apology though it had apparently justified the wars and sided with them.  NHK covered the issues on nuclear power plants and Syria the same way.  I think we should criticize and stage demonstration against NHK and media first.

Masatoshi Takeshita

* Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – July 1, 2012 

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: ROCKWAY EXPRESS July 1, 2012 

Syria is State of War – 1 –

Armed terrorist with bishop’s robe on who plays with a cross in a destroyed church

June 29

In the suburbs of Damascus, a privately owned Syrian satellite TV station was attacked by armed insurgents.  In Homs, churches was attacked and destroyed.  Attackers were not “innocent citizens” but Sunni foreign terrorists who attacked “innocent citizens,” who were financed by Sunni Gulf monarchies which planed to overthrow the Shiite Asad regime and change Syria into the Sunni country.

“Innocent citizens” will never attack a privately owned TV station.  So it is high time for Japanese media including NHK to stop using such expression that the Asad regime in Syria has been oppressing innocent citizens.  With the coverage too different from or opposite to the truth, it seems to be quite difficult to keep our sanity.  Their foolishness seems never to end.

Under the situation in which NATO led by Europe and America, Turkey and Arabian monarchies overtly show their fangs and are going to attack Syria, Russia seems to have a faint hope for a meeting on Syria by the concerned countries to be held this weekend.  Considering the development to date, however, such hope may be futile.  We can see on the horizon a future of an all-out confrontation between a league of NATO/Turkey/Arabian monarchies and that of Russia/Iran/Hezbollah.

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