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Jul 17, 2012

[News U.S.] ICHIRO OZAWA Responsible for Attempted Murder of Benjamin Fulford!

This is valuable information.  The way one takes this kind information will make great difference in his ability to gather information.  Many people will presumably pay no attention to it as part of so-called conspiracy theory.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article on Benjamin Fulford’s blog: News U.S. – July 11, 2012 

ICHIRO OZAWA Responsible for Attempted Murder of Benjamin Fulford!
Likelihood of Delayed Poison!
All-Out-Effort to Be Made to Unravel Plot of Asian Chapter, Illuminati

Mr. Benjamin Fulford reports on his own blog that after a lecture on June 30, he was almost killed by a man, who spoke to Mr. Fulford in English with a Korean accent to ask Mr. Fulford to shake hands and stabbed him with a poisoned needle.

This presumably is because Mr. Fulford had repeatedly talked about Aum Shinrikyo cult and Ichiro Ozawa.

And another far more astonishing fact was disclosed on his English blog this week.

According to the blog, Ichiro Ozawa was the mastermind behind the plot!

from his blog:

The order to stab this writer with a poisoned needle was given by Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his North Korean faction, according to North Korean, South Korean and Japanese military intelligence and underworld sources. Ozawa is upset by repeated assertions by this writer that he was involved in, and profited from, the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attacks against Japan. My question to Ozawa is, why not sue me for slander instead of trying to kill me? Is it because you are guilty of participating in, and profiting from, the murder of 20,000 of your fellow Japanese citizens?

We are now investigating whether Ozawa was acting on his own or following instructions from the Rockefellers, the Bushes or the P2 lodge. We have also heard that somebody lied to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and told him this writer was somehow responsible for his father’s murder.


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