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Jul 9, 2012

[News U.S.] Dentsu CIA Completely Discloses Your Privacy With Facebook.

I think that even people who dislike so-called conspiracy theory had better know the kinds of risk which are likely to be accompanied by the use of Facebook or Smartphone.
Masatoshi Takeshita

* Information from Mr. Takeshita on his blog – July 6, 2012 

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: News US – July 4, 2012 –

Dentsu CIA Completely Discloses Your Privacy With Facebook

– Headshot, Love Affair, Sexual Preference – Shuddering, Dangerous Watchdog Functions Come Out One After Another

As many as 57 kinds of private data collected by Facebook

One day, Mr. Max Shrem living in Wien, Austria suddenly got interested in how much Facebook knew about himself and demanded it to disclose his personal data.

In social networking service, we can download our own data to back it up. The directive on personal data adopted by the Council of European Union called “Directive 95/46/EU” enables us to demand the disclosure of even non-public data the corporation holds as proof of its legitimacy.

And then Mr. Max Shrem demanded the European office of Facebook in Dublin, Ireland through its website to disclose his own data.  He received the PDF file consisting of a total of 1,222 pages, contained in CD.  Its volume was equivalent to that of “War and Pace” by Tolstoy, which is famous as a voluminous book.  It had far more detailed content than the novel and literally every data he had gained by clicking a computer mouse was recorded in it.

(An omission)

These data shown below seemed to be collected as large category.

01: About Me
02: Account End Date
03: Account Status History
04: Address
05: Alternate Name (e.g. if you got married or if you have a name in a non-Latin script)
06: Applications
07: Chat
08: Checkins
09: Connections
10: Credit Cards
11: Currency
12: Current City
13: Date of Birth
14: Education
15: E-Mails
16: Events
17: Family
18: Favorite Quotes
19: Friend Requests
20: Friends
21: Gender
22: Groups
23: Hometown
24: Last Location
25: Linked Accounts (e.g. twitter, youtube or skype)
26: Locale
27: Logins
28: Machines
29: Messages
30: Minifeed
31: Name
32: Name Changes
33: Networks
34: Notes
35: Notification Settings
36: Notifications
37: Password
38: Phone Numbers
39: Photos
40: Physical tokens (This field was empty in all sets of data we got.  It might be a future feature for secure identification.)
41: Pokes
42: Political views
43: Privacy setting
44: Profile Blurb (This field was empty in all sets of information we got.)
45: Realtime Activities
46: Recent Activities
47: Registration Date
48: Relationship
49: Religious Views
50: Removed Friends
51: Screen Name (skype name)
52: Shares
53: Status Updates
54: Vanity
55: Wallposts
56: Website
57: Work

Source: Facebook’s Data Pool

(An omission)

What will happen if you make Facebook your enemy?
If Facebook gets serious about finding out a specific target, it is quite easy to completely disclose the person’s private data.
When you carry a Smartphone with you, it is almost equal to reporting “I am here” by the minute to CIA.

The real purpose of Facebook is not advertisement.
The corporation does not need to make big profits because a lot of money flows into it from CIA.
Their ultimate goal is to complete a terrible all humanity watchdog tool.

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