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Jul 1, 2012

The Most Peaceful and Biggest Demonstration in the World (in Japan, Tokyo - June 29, 2012)

* Information posted by Unity Design – June 30, 2012

English translation of a Japanese article from Mr. Naoto Amaki’ s blog – June 30, 2012

The Most Peaceful and Biggest Demonstration in the World

Naoto Amaki

I joined in a demonstration around the prime minister’s official residence to protest the restart of the nuclear power plant operation.

First, I was surprised at the number of participants.  That many protesters got together in the demonstration around the prime minister’s official residence for the first time since the struggle over the U.S.-Japan Security Pack.

Moreover, participants will increase from now on.  This is literally the first movement in Japanese history.

Secondly, I hear this demonstration was completely different from any conventional one whose participants are mobilized by political parties or labor unions.

I say “I hear.”  This is because I don’t know the difference between the two.

However, a certain leftist party member demonstrator said that he hardly found regular demonstrators and the participants were not organized crowd.

What he says is true because he is a regular demonstrator.

Thirdly, this demonstration was the one in which strangers got together with one purpose.

Chants of anti-nuke sometimes intermitted.  In the interval there were public speeches with a microphone.

Most of the speeches were given by politicians.

Each of them started his speech with the political party he belongs to and his name.

However, such self-promotion seemed to throw a wet blanket on the demonstration led by ordinary citizens.

It does not matter what your social standing is or where you come from.  Only the protest against the use of nuclear power and the restart of nuclear power plant operations is a matter of importance.

It is the most important that an overwhelming number of unknown people voice their anger to the Noda administration that plans to restart the nuclear power plant operation, and they encompass the prime minister’s official residence.

Only those who join in the demonstration and voice an objection are not clever but it is important to take action in the hope that the voice will change the politics.

Incidentally, I saw so many beautiful women, young and old, standing out in the demonstration.

It does demonstrate that doing right makes a person beautiful, I think.

Lastly, I have realized that this is the most beautiful demonstration in the world.

It does not mean the demonstration took place quietly.

The crowd angrily shouted the slogan of anti-nuke.

Normally, no doubt such a large scale demonstration is likely to bring about violence between the demonstrator and the police.

However, the demonstrators acted in an orderly manner as instructed by the police.  Policemen with microphones informed the demonstrators to keep on walking not to cause traffic jams.  The organizers of the demonstration called for the demonstrators on obeying the instruction of the police, and the demonstrators followed them.

I am sure there is not such a peaceful demonstration in any other country than Japan.

And yet, the demand of demonstrators is so radical.  They call for the Noda administration to step down.

Can a demonstration without leader, a demonstration not led by specific political party or organization can move the politics?

I was wondering about it while putting myself in the demonstration.

What will happen if this demonstration never stops as long as the DPJ led by Noda tries to restart the operation?

What will happen if the number of demonstrators increases week by week and has reached one million?

If so, as is to be expected, the government cannot force the nuclear power plant operation to be restarted.

Even if politics cannot stop the government from restarting the nuclear power plant operation, a demonstration will be expanded in the form of peace movement unless the public allows the restart and the government stops the demonstration.

The government cannot help but follow their voice.

This is the very example that a peaceful demonstration can change the government politics.

An unprecedented peaceful and biggest demonstration will correct the mistake the government made.

To become a central player in this remarkable accomplishment, let’s join in this historical demonstration once at least!

If this kind of demonstration takes place one after another, with whatever slogan may be: consumption tax increase or Osprey deployment, no doubt Japan will change!

I left with a sense of satisfaction because I found hope in the demonstration.

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