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Jul 27, 2012

[Monthly Nippon] Civilization Rebels against Humanity & Noda Administration Slave of Washington Commented by Shizuka Kamei

Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – July 25, 2012 –

English translation of a Japanese article: Monthly Nippon – July 24, 2012 –

Noda Administration Slave of Washington.  
Commented by Shizuka Kamei Civilization Rebels against Humanity

―― A lot of people have joined a demonstration against restarting nuclear power plants in front of the prime minister’s official residence and the demonstration has arose a big tidal wave of denuclearization movement.

I was also watching the demonstration.  A great number of people got together in swarms in front of the prime minister’s official residence.  And yet participants were only ordinary citizens like housewives who never make any political claims.

If I say this kind of think, you might think I am possessed by the supernatural.  I feel God’s hand has brought about this tidal wave.  We can no longer stop this tide.

Japan has been devoted only to making money for a long time without paying attention to the sufferings of others and destruction of environment.  The perfect example was construction of nuclear power plants.  The public spirit has continued being destroyed.  The soul of the Japanese has disappeared.

Under such circumstances, a nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima occurred.  Why did it occur in Japan, not in other counties?  That is because Japan was given a mission to play a role as a forerunner.  The mission is the voice of God who orders us to break away from dependence on nuclear power energy and lead the world.

Japan is not the only suffering country.  Grass-roots movements of the same sort are occurring in Middle East, Europe, the U.S. and hinterlands of China, too.  Every field, including politics, economics and culture, is fraying around the edges.  Humanity is rebelled against by culture.

In Japan at the last days of the Edo Era, a movement called “Eejanaika Movement” occurred.  In the movement citizens fanatically danced a dance, shouting “Eejanakai (Don’t mind dance)!”  This reflects the public’s unconscious reaction to the crisis the then Japan faced.

This demonstration for abolition of nuclear energy is comparable to the movement.  Japan today also faces a big crisis.

However, the DPJ administration cannot sense the crisis.  I hear Prime Minister Noda gave a comment on the demonstration, saying “A lot of noise.”  He has no idea of why such big-scale demonstrations are occurring in Japan where it has been said that demonstrations would never occur and why the people show anger with a loud voice.

Noda Administration Turns into Slave of Washington

―― Washington made a thorough investigation of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and took the data back home.

That was not the first time.  Immediately after the A-bombing of Hiroshima, they constructed facilities on a hill Hijiyama to examine and record the reality of radiation damage caused by the A-bomb.  They thoroughly examined the citizens exposed to radiation.  I know it well because my sister worked there.

―― In the first place, the nuclear reactors developed by the General Electric Company (GE) was defective in that the volume of containment vessel as a whole was small.  There exists a fact that a designer of the reactors showed concerns about the safety and later left the company for that reason.

Not exclusively nuclear power plants.  Everything including Japan’s economic system and political circumstances is Americanized.  Every one of them is defective.

To move out of such situation, a change in power was made three years ago.  Its aim was to free ourselves from American values which had run rampant across the country, reconsider the Japan-U.S. relations, have a say with Washington and demand whatever is necessary.

This is not emotional anti-Americanism.  Bilateral equal partnership has a positive effect on both countries.  Japan has to accomplish independence from Washington in order to cooperate closely with it in the true sense of the term.

With this aim, we froze the postal privatization.  We aimed to break away from market fundamentalism which never fits in the culture of Japan.  And under the leadership of Prime Minister Hatoyama, we tried to solve the Futenma issue.

However, our goals and plans were met by strong backlash.  Under the subsequent Kan Administration, the DPJ reverted to the conventional policy-making in compliance with Washington’s wishes, which was common practice at the times of the LDP and New Komeito.  Noda Administration has also swallowed his pride to obey Washington as requested as if he were their slave.

( Please see the August issue of our monthly for continuing story. )

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