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Jun 18, 2012

Terrific! These are bare feet of a professional ballet dancer.

“The feet of ballet dancers are beautiful, aren’t they?"
"Don’t you think that their ugliness get centered solely on one place?"
"That’s the way the world goes, isn’t it?”"

This is the conversation between my wife and me.
Masatoshi Takeshita

* Posted by Mr. Takeshita on his blog - June 15, 2012 -

English translation of a Japanese article, reprint from the blog Raba Q – June 12, 2012
Photos from The Feet of Professional Ballet Dancer (2 pics)

Terrific!  These are bare feet of a professional ballet dancer.

“Gorgeous “ is a perfect word for classical ballet.
Of course, it is easy to imagine that they need such demanding practices, though unknown, that put considerable burden on their feet.

Please see the photo which has attracted the public attention because it graphically tells that a professional ballet dancer has bare feet like this.   .

This is a certain ballet dancer.

She’s got toe nails discolored and deformed and had calluses on her toe joints.
Of course, there are individual differences, but how deformed her toes are!

These are bare feet of another ballet dancer.

When ballet dancers beautifully stand on tiptoe or rapidly whirl about, a lot of burden is put on their feet.  Considering this fact, we cannot help but feel deeply moved!

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