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Jun 28, 2012

So Many Duplicates of Mrs. Ozawa’s “Letter of Divorce” Sent to Ozawa’s Supporters

The letter of Mrs. Ozawa seems to be a significant damage to Mr. Ozawa because not only the problem of lovers but the fact that “he ran away out of fear of radiation” can be fatal to a politician.  Though I don’t intend to speak for him, I think his action as an ordinary person was proper and reasonable.  If I had lived in Tokyo, I would have instructed my family to immediately leave there.

Nevertheless, speaking of a man who can put into practice such a sneaky behavior of sending so many letters to so many people in this form at such a time, the only person I can call to mind is Sengoku.  I don’t know whether it is legal or not to publicize and send such a private letter without permission of Mrs. Ozawa.

In either case, no doubt he has used his trump card.  Being viewed from the opposite side, I think that Sengoku will be brought to bay if Mr. Ozawa can endure this personal attack.  It is the best policy to make a wrongdoer disappear soon.

Masatoshi Takeshita

* Information from Mr. Takeshita posted on his blog – June 24, 2012 -

How Dirty!  So Many Duplicates of Mrs. Ozawa’s “Letter of Divorce” Sent to Ozawa’s Supporters

English translation of a Japanese article: Gendai Net – June 23, 2012 

Who and For What?

Things take a strange turn.

A weekly magazine Shuukan Bunshun released on 14th run the story of “To Ozawa ‘Letter of Divorce’ from Wife.”  This letter is said to be sent by Mrs. Kazuko Ozawa, wife of Ozawa, former representative of Democratic Party of Japan (DPL) to interested people in his supporters’ group of his electorate Iwate.  The letter, which is totally against him, says that “Ichiro Ozawa ran away out of fear of radiation immediately after the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident.”  What a surprise: it is found that so many duplicates of the letter have been sent not only to the offices of lawmakers in ruling and opposition parties but also to the homes of individual supporters of Ozawa.

“I found a duplicate of the 11-page letter in a brown envelope with no name of the sender.  I wonder that as I have made personal donation, my address is known through the income and expenditure report that has been made public.”  (A supporter who got the duplicate)

Around 21st the same envelopes were sent to other supporters.  Addresses were all typed up on a word processor to make handwriting unidentifiable.  The envelopes are postmarked by an Akasaka post office on 20th this month.  There is a remark that “so many duplicates of that precious letter have been circulated!  Some big organization must get involved behind the scene.”  (A person involved in major mass media)

These envelopes have been circulated not only to mass media but also to individual supporters of Ozawa!  Furthermore, at the time of an approaching vote on the passage of a consumption tax increase bill!  What a dirty trick! 

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