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Jun 13, 2012

[Mr.Takeshita] The truth about the Aum incident seems to be far from what is generally understood

Mr.Takeshita wrote:
Here are two photos of Naoko Kikuchi. (*one of wanted Aum members: See 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attacks and related incidents)
I don’ think they are the same person.  If a completely different woman pretending to be Naoko Kikuchi should have been arrested, it would show what an inexplicable, mysterious incident the Aum incident is.  I don’t know the truth about the incident, but there seems to be a catch to it, which is far from what is generally understood. 

People who try to plot such incident tend to make a long-term elaborate plan.  Considering that they plan to cause chaos similar to the Aum incident in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, spark a panic, declare martial law, and implement constitutional amendments, everything seems to make a sense to some extent.  This kind of reasoning does not seem to completely miss the point.

Masatoshi Takeshita

* Posted by Mr.Takeshita on his blog – June 11, 2012 -

What I have thought anew about the Aum incident after looking back on it - Fuji Fuji’s Filter Blog: June 6, 2012 -

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article of the above blog, by Monju Bosatsu, June 10, 2012

This is about the Aum Incident*.    *Note) What lies behind the Aum incident.

It is said that Naoko Kikuchi was arrested due to an anonymous report.  I was very surprised to know that there was somebody who had recognized her just by seeing the photo on the wanted list, for she looked so different.  Even investigators said they could never identify her because she was like a different person.  She had lived a life of seclusion together with a man in an almost crumbling shabby house with no trace of habitation.  Whenever she went out, she used a car, and she walked with her face down.  This is why she was not discovered.  She had identified herself as Chizuko Sakurai.

The Subway Sarin Incident in 1995 was terrorist attacks.  The incident had the scenario of terrorist attacks in common with 9/11.  At that time massive coverage of the incident was given in a way to amuse us.  A fixed idea that the Subway Sarin Incident was responsible for the Aum might have been instilled.  I feel now that as Mr. Joyu, former ranking member, says, the Aum might have been caught in the trap.

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