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Jun 24, 2012

[Mr.Takeshita] I have great expectations for Mr. Yukio Hatoyama

Like Mr. Motozawa, I have great expectations for Mr. Hatoyama.  I feel Mr. Hatoyama and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter are very much alike.  Now many people have got to understand the greatness of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.  He followed the same fate as Mr. Hatoyama: he was also thrown out of power because his policies put the interests of people with authentic power at risk.
Masatoshi Takeshita.

* Posted by Mr. Takeshita on his blog - June 21, 2012 -

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese web article: Jiro Motozawa “Japan's Landscape” (1079) posted on “Media Association” Organ Bulletin - June 21, 2012 -

Betrayal of Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and New Komeito Bowing to U.S. Pressure

Japan's politics has finally entered the final stage by addressing a significant tax increases with a bucket having no bottom.  They try to introduce a new cause of recession into the global recession.  Workers are already under harsh conditions and some of serious workers are brought to the verge of depression or suicide.  A tax increase is a stupid plan which will give further impetus toward worsening this situation.  An agreement on a tax increase secretly discussed by the three parties, which bow to the pressure of Washington/CIA and obey them, is a betrayal to the nation.  I wonder what would come after the bad government.

Betrayal of major media

I wonder why every political party is shameless and so is every politician.  This is because journalism which is supposed to keep an eye on the Diet does not leave it incompetent and irresponsible but rather it itself has become insane, too.

In such a turbulent political situation, the confidential funds in the Cabinet Secretariat are being used and the moderates within the DPJ inexplicably have got shaky.  This shows something is working behind the scenes.

Even if the media should have honest reporters, their sound arguments would not be reflected on papers or pictures because of executives of editing office and management executives blindly following authority.

Mass media manipulated by money of the zaibatsu conglomerates

Influential figures in the business world become executives of editing office or management executives.   It is quite natural that mass media becomes corrupt.  On the other hand, bureaucrats actually control Japanese politics and the mass media's collusive relationship with them will naturally lead to money.  They will know how much the government's annual advertising budget is without checking it out.

Behind this phenomenon is the mass media which never reflects public opinion.  Newspapers and TV stations, which never serve the nation, are also rushing into corruption.  In Japan today truth comes out as part of Internet information.

Newspapers and TV stations bowing to pressures from CIA

I was a little bit surprised at the policies the Hatoyama administration announced in 2009.   One of them was about a plan to transfer the Futenma base, Okinawa.  He pledged to transfer the base from the prefecture and from Japan. He presumably thought of Guam.  I applauded for his sound argument.

However, the mass media which was supposed to support it reported only the claim by Washington which openly opposed his argument, and finally drove him to resign.  This clearly showed that Japan's mass media did not stand for Tokyo and Okinawa but for Washington.

Mr. Hatoyama's plans of an equal Japan-U.S. partnership, priority to Asia, and formation of an East Asian Community seemed to give an impression of return of the liberal Tanaka and Ohira administrations

That was the very reason why CIA, Kasumigaseki (bureaucrats) and Otemachi (business world) reacted strongly against his plans by mobilizing the prosecutor and the mass media.  When we pay attention to the development of the mass media controlled by CIA, it is found that some figures appearing in the CIA list have slipped into major mass media.

If we doubt of the close ties between the journalists with experience as foreign correspondents in Washington and CIA, such people can be found not only in Yomiuri and Asahi Shimbuns but in NHK.
Japanese have been forced to share values from Washington, not from Tokyo.

Noda, LDP and New Komeito Prevents No-nuke Movement

Yesterday at the metropolitan assembly, a ballot measure on anti-nuke, the legislation of which more than three hundred thousand Tokyo residents call for was rejected mainly by LDP and New Komeito, promoters of the use of nuclear energy.
Unless the structure of a coalition of LDP, New Komeito and Noda is changed, I can tell that another Fukushima disaster will occur.  A grand coalition of the conglomerate puppet government, LDP and New Komeito has already started up.  They all promote a significant tax increase, the use of nuclear energy and TPP.  They seem to underestimate Japanese citizens.  The public is sometimes foolish but clever in other cases.

Unification against the three parties

Form a new party with campaign slogans of abolition of nuclear power, anti-10% consumption tax and anti-TPP!  The anti-mainstream faction of DPJ focuses its campaign strategy on such slogans.  Take to the street after a forced vote for a 10% consumption tax!  Appeal to the public to get public trust!
If a new party gets united and conduct a general election campaign against the three parties, it will definitely get a new administration.  Declaration of Japan as a nation to promote the use of natural energy will serve as a catalyst for rebirth of the nation.  It will also give birth to a new administration independent of the U.S.  Small parties will disappear.  Unification of the public opinion will be exactly the surefire way for promising future of Japan.  Hatoyama, never take down your own flag!

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