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Jun 20, 2012

The End of Ichiro Ozawa as Man as well as Politician: Wife Finally Thrusts Relentless Letter of Divorce at Him

This is a bombshell statement, almost fatal to Ozawa admirers.  Strangely, however, it sounds very understandable to me.  As posted in my blog dated June 20, 2011, I am cautious and suspicious about Mr. Ozawa because his real intention is apparently to get power, not public opinion.  Coincidentally, this article has disclosed this fact.
Masatoshi Takeshita

* Posted in Mr. Takeshita's blog on June 15, 2012

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article:  J-Cast Television Watch June 14, 2012

“I feel deeply ashamed that I have helped put such a man out into the national political scene.”

“[..........]  Learning the suffering of the people who have supported us in every way for many years, I am deeply sorry that I cannot do anything. Politicians should be the first to stand up against such an unprecedented disaster, but in fact, Ozawa ran away with his secretaries out of fear of radiation.  After witnessing Ozawa who ran away and abandoned the people who had supported him in Iwate for many years when they needed help most, I got divorced because I found him the last man to do for Iwakte and Japan.  [……….]

Eight years ago it was found that he had an illegitimate child.  The child called ….. is over twenty years old.  The child’s mother was a woman with whom he had had a romantic relationship for three years.  She told him to take in the child because she would marry another man.  So he made another woman called ……, with whom he had had another romantic relationship before he married me, adopt the child on condition that he would pay money on a monthly basis all his life.  According to Ozawa, he intended to marry this woman called ….., but this marriage was strongly opposed by his supporters because the woman working for a bar would have an adverse image in the election campaign.  So he tried to marry a rich woman and happened to marry me because Mr. Kakuei Tanaka introduced me to him.  And he said to me “You married me because you just wanted to get a status”, and instead of apologizing me, he said to me “I have no recollection of your having helped me in the election campaign.  Don’t have a swollen head.  You have done nothing.”  Furthermore, he said “I can split up with you, but not with that woman (….).  I can divorce you anytime.”  These words have destroyed my pride to pieces and at one time I contemplated committing suicide.  To date, I have scarcely survived with the support of my sons.  But even now I sometimes feel disturbed by chagrin and emptiness.  [……….]

On March 16 (last year*  Note: the present write) in the morning, Chief Secretary Kawabe, who comes from Kitagami, came to me and said proudly “Gaining private information on radiation, Mr. Ozawa instructed us secretaries to be evacuated.  I had already had my family evacuated to Osaka.”  On top of all that, he said “As Mr. Ozawa will be evacuated, please seek any place of evacuation for you and your sons”

An evacuation order has been ordered only around the nuclear power plants even in Fukushima.  What a surprise: Ozawa, a politician, will try to run away from Tokyo!  Flabbergasted by his words, I asked him “I can’t believe that you Diet members are going to run away from Tokyo first?  You shouldn’t do that, do you?  Why don’ you come back to Iwate?”  According to Kawabe, the prefectural governor told them not to come back to Iwate, saying that it would cause a panic if they let the public know.  Diet members who are supposed to protect the life of the Japanese people are going to abandon them and run away out of fear of radiation!  [……….]  Kawabe hastily excused himself, saying no men would run away, and went back to Ozawa to give a report.   Ozawa said “Well, we have no choice.  We have sufficient food stock.  Buy up salt!” and he ordered Kawabe to do so.  After that, he locked himself inside his house and never tried to go out.  He didn’t participate in deliberations on a reconstruction bill.  [……….]  It was found that he refused to go to Iwate for the reason of disciplinary action of disqualification as party member.  He didn’t go to Iwate simply out of fear of radiation, not because the governor told him not to come.  [……….]  I have found him incorrigible and have been angry with him.  To tell the truth, he has contemplated to run for the election in Kyoto for a few years and discussed it even with the head of his support group.  He had never thought anything about Iwate.  [……….]  In an unprecedented national crisis, he not only ran away out of fear of radiation, but never sympathized with the suffering of the people who had supported him in every way for many years.  And yet he tries to maneuver national politics out of self protection.  I feel deeply ashamed that I have helped put such a man out into the national political scene.  [……….]  When I receive alimony paid by a divorce, I will donate it to Iwate.  It is the least I can do to show my apologies.   [………]

Kazuko Ozawa

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