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May 19, 2012

[Mr.Takeshita] NHK edited out the scene of explosion at Fukushima Reactor No.3

* Posted by Mr.Takeshita on his blog - May 18, 2012 *

Previously I've asked NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) over the phone about their biased coverage: "Why wouldn’t you stream the scene of explosion at Fukushima Reactor No.3?". Such deceptive acts make me feel all the more strongly that NHK as well as Bank of Japan should be dismantled.

NHK edited out the scene of explosion 
at Fukushima Reactor No.3 from the video streamed by BBC

Information Source:  Hibizakkan 
(http://bit.ly/JW6mrZ - Machine Translation by Google)

(Start both of two videos at the same time.)



One who read Mr.Takeshita's post called NHK, and he tweeted the conversation:

I: “Why did you replaced the scene of Reactor No.3 with another one?”
NHK: “It had already been edited out by the distributor because of the broadcast right”
I: “So, could you tell me contact information of the distributor?” 
NHK: “We can’t tell you.” 
I: “Why?” 
NHK: “We can’t tell you.”

Then, another person tweeted a comment on this:

"In the first place, 'the distributor' is just the Japan office of BBC
without any editorial facilities or staffs.
If the film had been edited in UK, things would be different. But I don't think that BBC does such kind of thing because they has respect for their editorial."

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