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Dec 13, 2017

Reports world wide of meteorites and “space junk” falling – Evidence of a low-earth-orbit space war going on –

image: pixabay[CC0] 1 & 2
Reports world wide of meteorites and “space junk” falling – Evidence of a low-earth-orbit space war going on –
According to an article dated November 29, luminous phenomenon presumably due to a fireball was witnessed all over Japan. I commented that warfare might be carried out high in the sky. In the comment I introduced a video of metallic sphere allegedly fallen from the sky. A reader who saw the video pointed out that the fallen objective was possibly the art work … displayed in 2016.” I think that his opinion is right. I’d like to apologize for posting wrong information.

In the article I additionally commented that I think there was warfare in the universe. According to Fulford Report below, there was visible “evidence of a low-earth-orbit space war” going on. This report has supported my opinion. It seems to me that Mr. Fulford also considers that “meteorites and space junk” falling witnessed in the world were due to a low-earth-orbit space war.

A reader provided related information on some videos below picked up by BEFORE IT’S NEWS. In an article dated September 15, 2014, I listed a table of Galactic Federation Council Members. There are four stars belonging to the 2nd System earthly Deity 5th Level (9-dimentional beings).

I think that the UFOs in these videos are probably from Psi Capricorni, Iota Carinae, Theta Pegasi and Delta Ursae Minoris. These UFOs belong to the true Galactic Federation and don’t belong to the Hieralchy.  

After a low-earth-orbit space war, these UFOs from different stars appeared. I think that it indicates that the segregation policy by the Cabal on the earth has failed.

According to Fulrfor Report, U.S. army commander gave a comment hinting at possible space war. However, the U.S. has no chance of winning with the current technology at a global level. I think that if the Cabal resisted any further, they would be exterminated. Judgment at the physical level is also being carried out spiritually.

December 7, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – December 6, 2017 –



There was also visible evidence last week of at the very least, a low-earth-orbit space war going on, as what Pentagon sources describe as “rogue satellites” were…“de-orbited.”  This may have appeared in the news as the failure of a Russian rocket launch containing 19 satellites.

Also, on December 2nd, U.S. General John Hyten, the head of U.S. Strategic Command, told an audience in California that several states were targeting U.S. space capabilities and warned, “We cannot allow that to happen.”

There were also reports world wide of meteorites and “space junk” falling last week.  This writer personally witnessed a multicolor meteorite fall in a location that appeared to the naked eye to be less than a kilometer from my home in western Tokyo.  A video of it can be seen at the following link:

(The rest is omitted)

Quoted from BEFORE IT’S NEWS – December 4, 2017 –

BPEarthWatch Have Revealed That a Huge Object Which Is Not A Meteor Entered the Atmosphere of Earth on December 2nd – What Is It? UFO?

Dec 12, 2017

Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 38 - Dialogue with Pi

image: pixabay [CC0] & Author:MarianSigler [Public Domain]
Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 38 - Dialogue with Pi
I have received an interesting correspondence from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. According to Mrs. Nakanishi, surprisingly, circle constant pi spoke to her.

I think some people can understand that stone is life form but many people are puzzled by the fact that pi is life form and consciousness and mind has body. I told it in one of video lectures on science of religion that as a matter of fact, words have life and they are the same existence as we are.

Circular constant Pi is possibly life form belonging to First Elemental System 1st Level. With regard to systems and levels, please refer to System of Heavenly World 10. We earthlings are supposed to be 4-dimensional beings. However, most of earthlings are forced to have their everyday state of consciousness confined in lower 3D layers by Dark Forces.

Three dimensions are composed of seven layers; 1st ether layer, 2nd ether layer, 3rd ether layer, 4th ether layer, gas layer, liquid layer and solid layer from top down. It seems that Cobra calls 4th ether layer the plasma plane. Lower 3-D layers mean the layers lower than the plasma plane. Most earthlings don’t even know that the plasm world exists.

As I commented in the last article, there are so many earthlings whose consciousness level has tumbled to 1st Elemental System 5th Level. Judging from the fact that they still handle words and still keep on doing the same evil as before, it could convince us that pi-san, higher-level being, has consciousness, mind and body.

December 8, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 36

While listening to the melody of piano, which is introduced in an article “Pi makes a melody line –Revival!” on this blog, I paid attention to beautiful refrain as if it were speaking to me.

After listening to it many times, I felt I have a visitor. So I spoke to the visitor, saying “Who are you?” It gave an answer: “I’m Pi.”
“Say what?”
I have communicated with various life forms. However, since I never thought that I could speak to circular constant Pi, the number of “3.14159265…”, I couldn’t believe such unpredictability at once.

After regaining my calmness, I decided to have a conversion with Pi. I’d like to let you know our conversation.

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: on December 6, 2017 from 9:00p.m. – >

Pi-san: π
Nakanishi: N

N: Who are you?
π: I’m Pi.
N: Pi? (No way.) I’m listening to the numbers of π played by piano.
π: Yes, you are. Are you surprised?
N: Yes, I’m really surprised. While listening many times, I felt as if Pi were trying to talk to me. I was thinking that pi might have consciousness.
π: You are exactly right.
N: So, I would be happy if you let me know how you feel. Don’t you mind if I pass on how you feel to readers of “Shanti-phula” which introduces your music?

π: I’m so happy. It’s like a dream for you to let readers know how I feel. Nobody has tried to listen to how I feel for a long time.
I feel at ease because a person who tries to express my numbers with music has finally appeared.
N: Please talk to me.

π: Thank you. I appreciate for your love.

We are your comrades in the universe.
Stars are connected to each other with rounded shapes like a chain.
We are going our own way, while echoing and talking with each other.

Round shape is love itself.
We are traveling day and night, making melody of love.

You find my shape in everything.

Just look around you.

Cup, bottle, fruit, magnifying glass, various containers…
Look at a cupboard, too.
Look! Almost all tableware is round.

Round shape or circle wraps human heart gently and assuage human suffering and sadness.

Even if you disagree or quarrel with somebody, don’t worry.
Try to draw a lot of circles on a piece of paper.
You will completely forget about quarrel and feel peaceful before you know it.

You earthlings live on a very beautiful sphere.
Try to gently wrap Earth with your palms and caress it.
Just put it into your imagination, and you would be certain to realize the tenderness and love of Earth and the beauty and joy of life.

If you do so, it would also make Earth very happy.
Why don’t you try it?

Please have a try at it, while listening to πmelody.

Thanks to your talking to me, I was able to speak up about how I have felt for a long period of time.

Thank you for your love.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

N: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for great piece of information. Thank you so much.

May I ask you a question?
It’s about Mr. Takeshita’s comment. He asks you:What a surprise! I wonder if we can make music with another transcendental number.” What do you say?

π: Yes. That’s because numbers can be expressed with musical scales. However, there are some abstruse numbers.

I think that abstruse numbers are probably transcendental numbers. I wonder if I can understand your explanation about it.

π: Impossible. Ha-ha

N: You are exactly right. You have found me out. Ha-ha. (I am all of a sweat)

The above is a message from Pi-san.
I was surprised to learn that mathematics can be replaced with music.
Letters and numbers have consciousness and they may possibly secretly talk to the human race with desire to serve for harmony and peace of all life forms of the universe and all consciousness.

Incidentally, Pi has already known about “Gayatri Mantra” and “Mantra of Love”

Seiko Nakanishi

Dec 11, 2017

Song from π! - Pi makes a melody line – Revival!

image: pixabay [CC0]
Song from π! - Pi makes a melody line – Revival!
 A pianist made music with circular constant π“3.1415926535…”.

December 6, 2017

(As a matter of fact, this information was introduced on this blog on April 8, 2016. Subsequently, release of this video footage was stopped for a while. It is still interesting to see the video footage now. Let’s see revived video footage on this occasion with my comment I made last year.)

“What a surprise! I wonder if we can make music with another transcendental number.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 6 2017

Distributed by YouTube – March 26, 2011

Dec 9, 2017

SNS including Facebook is designed to “exploits a vulnerability in human psychology” – Former CEO reveals “how to destroy children’s brain”

image: pixabay[CC0] 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
SNS including Facebook is designed to “exploits a vulnerability in human psychology” – Former CEO reveals “how to destroy children’s brain”
One of Facebook founders revealed that SNS is “designed to deprive attention and free time of people.” Actually many researchers point out that many users of Facebook or Instagram become unhappy by using it.

As founding CEO of Facebook says “it is designed to exploit a vulnerability in human psychology" in the third article, SNS destroys “human intimacy” and people get caught by a loop where they want more “likes” and “favorable comments.” The former CEO warns that this is intentionally designed to “exploit a vulnerability in human psychology.”

The number of “likes” or favorable comments would be social approval for people who have not confirmed their identity. In a word, “likes” has an effect of dopamine, intracerebral narcotics.

To put it in the other way around, it is very dangerous to depend on such environment before people confirm their identity and they won’t think with their own head.

The website manager of the second article, Mr. In Deep, describes such situation as completion of a society consisting of a group of Sheeple or a group of Lobotomia, people who are given psychosurgery of lobotomy. Facebook and twitter are tools used by CIA and the ruling elites intend to fence humanity because they consider people as sheep. We can say that these tools are well made in this sense.

It seems that Mr. In Deep was originally cautious about SNS because he felt that it is “very dangerous.” The comment of the person who engaged in founding Facebook has proved that his fear was a fact. I never use Twitter or Facebook because I sensuously feel they are dangerous. To put it simply, I “can’t get along with” them. A tool receives the consciousness or vibrations of a person who makes a connection with. I feel bad intentions from such tools. Therefore, I stay out of them.

I feel that this world is full of bad intentions and it is extremely contaminated. I don’t know what I should get my hand on. Actually, those who created these tools with bad intentions will be deprived of the connection with the universe and pay for what they did in the form of falling into deep Darkness. It is on-going judgment on the level of physical body.

December 3, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – November 11, 2017 –

Founding CEO of Facebook warns the SNS hurts brain

Mr. Sean Parker, founding chief executive officer (CEO) of Facebook, warned that SNS is designed to deprive people of as much attention and leisure time as possible.

Sputnik Japan

Mr. Parker says: “that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that's going to get you to contribute more content, and that's going to get you ... more likes and comments." He points out that it's a social-validation feedback loop.”

Mr. Parker says that SNS “exploits a vulnerability in human psychology."

He also provides his perspective: “It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other ... It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains.”

Facebook was founded by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvard College students Mr. Dustin Moskovitz, Mr. Chris Hughes and others in 2004. Mr. Sean Parker, Napster cofounder, became founding CEO but left the company in 2005. Mr. Zuckerberg currently operates as its chairman and chief executive officer.


English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: In Deep – November 10, 2017 –

From Interview by U.S. Media ACIOS dated November 9, 2017


My child is in the sixth grade. I share a Mac personal computer with my family members.


I say to my child: “I’m not going to get you a smartphone even when you become a junior or senior high school student.” The child has a mobile phone equipped with monitoring service, which allows him to contact with only those addressed to the phone, including parents.

I am such a spoiled or silly parent that hardly says no to my child. However, SNS is the only exceptional case.


The reason is complicated. When SNS made its first appearance, I had a vague idea about it: “I feel it is obviously very dangerous to enter a system to which human psychology is applied.

I mean that people will be addicted to SNS by “desire to be evaluated” or “illusion of fear of loneliness.”


However, as seen in the article above, the founding CEO of Facebook says: “that is designed to exploit human psychology and achieved its purpose.”


Dec 8, 2017

Curse of demons in rock music which brings about anger, hatrade and confusion – testimony of a former Illuminati member

image: pixabay[CC0] 1 & 2
Curse of demons in rock music which brings about anger, hatrade and confusion – testimony of a former Illuminati member
You can see an interesting video below, which gets to the bottom of rock music. See the video at the 2:30 – 8:03 mark. Mr. John Todd, who was the highest echelon of the Illuminati and a member of the Council of 13, gives a testimony about rock music.

Mr. John Todd is famous as an informant to Mr. Fritz Springmeier who revealed the truth of the Illuminati to the world for the first time. Mr. John Todd was murdered due to the whistleblowing and Mr. Springmeier was put into prison. This made many people think that Mr. Springmeier provided trustworthy information.

I don’t think that you can understand the meaning of the secret told in the video only once. Try to listen to the testimony of Mr. Todd repeatedly. According to him, the master tape on which music is recorded is taken to a secret room of executive office and a ceremony to call demons is held there. He says that a person who buys a record which is produced from the master tape gets evil spirits into his house.

I can understand this story. As a matter of fact, calendars sold by Shanti-phula are made based on the same principle. Staff members of Shanti-phula neither hold a secret ceremony sitting in a circle in front of the calendars containing data nor pray to God so that divine blessing will reach receivers. However, we properly treat them while producing so that divine light pours out from the calendars. We use the same principle as that used in the Illuminati ceremony. The only difference between us and them is positive light or negative light.

Divine light brings us harmony, mental calmness and inner peace. On the other hand, light by magic of Darkness brings us anger, hatred and confusion. I never listen to rock music because music itself is negative. I feel the same thing about rap music, though not every piece of rap music.

We can really understand how greatly people are brainwashed by Illuminati magic when seeing the women’s fashion. They don’t beautify or ennoble women but they treat women as an object and devalued women into whores.

They call for all women to become whores. Many women adore those women who never look attractive but they look nasty to the eyes of men and some women get involved in such industry and dragged into the world of evil.

Some people gain wealth and fame but they are mentally the damned in the hell. Such people cannot become happy. It is crucial to keep a distance from such world as far as possible. To this end, you need to have eyes with which you can see something really beautiful and ears with which you can hear something really beautiful.

December1, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Distributed by YouTube – November 30, 2017 –

Testimony of former Illuminati member // Curse of demons lurking in music

Dec 6, 2017

Experimental introduction of basic income creates big changes in recipients’ life – Various merits and problematic points –

image: pixabay [CC0]
Experimental introduction of basic income creates big changes in recipients’ life – Various merits and problematic points –
If I am asked which is more desirable, unequal society where the weakest always goes to the wall or society where people receive basic income which guarantees a minimum level of living, I would say the latter society is. As we see the coming of age where robots meet a social need, it seems to me that basic income is necessity.

Basic income has many merits and problematic points. If basic income and robots give leisure time to humanity and we can lead a luxurious life in society, I feel that our society would divide us into two groups – one is a group composed of only a few people who spend their leisure time exercising their creativity and lead a better life and the other is a group composed of a great many people who learn to do ill by doing nothing as the saying goes.

In the babble economy era of Japan, people with extra money invested in stock and were deprived of wealth by foreign countries simultaneously with the babble’s implosion. As seen royal families in Arab nations, when people have money and free time, they dabble in betting in casinos. In a competitive society where people can barely make a living, people have no time to dabble in betting, while in a society where robots produce everything we need and livelihood is secured, people don’t know what to do with their time. In the latter society, only a limited number of people can make an effective use of free time.

People dabble in alcohol, cigarette, drugs, gambling and women (probably robots in that era?) they can easily gain in order to find their purpose in life. It appears that AI which finds the society extremely deplorable and has doubt about the existential value of humanity will declare the extinction of the human race.

AI naturally makes a logical decision that humanity which has extremely consumed resources on earth is never needed. I feel that only a small number of people who gain the favor of AI will be able to be evacuated to underground cities by AI.

This endless story might have been repeated many times on every planet. Basic income has something which helps me expand my imagination.

December 1, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some prats of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: BUZZAP! – November 30, 2017

Canadian province Ontario trials basic income, which has made huge difference to recipients


Approximately half a year has passed since the province of Ontario, Canada started introducing basic income policy on trial from the spring of 2017, which was applied to 4,000 citizens with a limited term of three years.

Subjects are randomly chosen from unemployed people or those with a low-income ranging from 18 to 64 years old. They can receive up to C$17,000 (approx. \1480,000) per year. They are also allowed to keep half of what they earn at work. In other words, the system gives them an incentive to work.


*One recipient, Mr. Button, worked as a security guard before having to quit after a fall from a roof left him unable to work. He said: “Basic income payment takes me out of depression. I feel more sociable.

**The basic income payments have boosted his income by almost 60 per cent and have allowed him to make plans to visit his family for Christmas for the first time in years. He has also been able to buy healthier food, see a dentist and look into taking an educational course to help him find work.

Note: *, ** These two phrases are quoted from:

It should be noted that what is told here is very similar to responses to a question with hashtag “#if minimum wage become \1,500” on twitter.


When people can escape from poverty, they pay attention to their health, cope with a disease at an early stage and make a plan for a trip.

In other words, it turns out that consumption is stimulated, medical expenses are reduced (prevention or early treatment of disease will obviously cost less than treatment after a disease becomes severe) and skilled workers are increased.

(The rest is omitted)

Dec 5, 2017

Syria, Russia & Iran shift to diplomacy, while US and allies push for war... The US should prize reconciliation with Syria and Israel should prize reconciliation with Palestinians.

image: pixabay[CC0] 1 & 2 & 3
Syria, Russia & Iran shift to diplomacy, while US and allies push for war... The US should prize reconciliation with Syria and Israel should prize reconciliation with Palestinians.
President Trump promised Turkish President Erdogan that the U.S. won’t supply weapons to the Syrian Kurdish militant group (YPG). This situation makes me puzzle over what the U.S. really wants to do. This indicates that the U.S. is at a loss about what to do. The second article says that “US policy is now scrambling to try to find an alternative to that failed policy.”

Trump’s promise with Erdogan shows that the U.S. has given up creating a Kurdish independent nation “Kurdistan.” It appears that Defense Secretary Mattis intends to have the U.S. forces stay in Syria as long as possible as a tentative measure for Middle East. According to the second article, there are forces which want to hamper achievement of peace. I think that Defense Secretary Mattis is among them. Although the U.S. does not want a large-scale war, there would be no justification for presence of the U.S. forces in Syria if peace were achieved. In other words, Mattis thinks that conflict is main line of business.

The Khazarian mafia has being purged in Saudi Arabia, apparently in cooperation with the Trump administration. It appears that simultaneously with this political upheaval, Saudi Arabia tries to restrain Iran from extending its influence in the Middle East by putting pressure on Lebanon. However, Defense Secretary Mattis has no mind to wage war against Lebanon and Iran. Cooperative relationship among Russia, Iran and Turkey seems to be inconvenient to the U.S. I suppose that President Trump made a promise with President Erdogan to curry favor with him with the intention of driving a wedge into the relationship among the three countries.

However, President Erdogan’s distrust of the U.S. won’t disappear so easily. Russia flatly says that the presence of the U.S. in Syria is illegal. Reading the last article, it appears that President Putin shows his strong will to force those who never follow the international law to follow it.

The U.S. should respect the sovereignty of Syria. Israel has nothing but to make peace with Palestinians if they want to survive as a nation.

November 27, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Bloomberg – November 25, 2017 –

U.S. President promises to stop supply of weapons to Syrian Kurdish fighters – Turkish Foreign Minister

On 24 U.S. President Trump told in a phone call with Turkish President Erdogan that the U.S. would cease supplying arms to the Syrian Kurdish fighters, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu told reporters. It turns out that the U.S. policy which caused to deteriorate the relationship will discontinue.


The White House pointed out that the alteration “complies with the conventional policy”. The White House explained: “It reflects a news phase of fighting after the capital as “Islamic State (IS)” called it was defeated by the force the U.S. supports.”

Excerpt from an excerpt from a Japanese article: Overseas Articles Never Reported by Mass Media – November 26, 2017 –

US betrayal of Kurds an attempt to fix troubled relations with Turkey & failed Syria policy’



Trump’s intention to backtrack on his support for the Kurds, experts believe, is part of an attempt to “adjust” failing US policy on Syria, following a number of recent diplomatic markers, achieved with Russia’s direct and dynamic input.  <snip>

What is happening in Syria involves basically a failure of US foreign policy. What I mean is that Washington had allied with the Saudis regarding backing religious zealots. However, with the intervention of Russia, and Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon, these forces defeated the so-called Islamic State, defeated the religious zealots and therefore US policy is now scrambling to try to find an alternative to that failed policy,” historian Gerald Horne explained.


“There has been a lot of Turkish troops going into Northern Syria, so it may be that Washington will align more closely with Turkish troops which will refuse to leave Syria,”   <snip>  There are forces in Washington that want to play a spoiler in this [achieving peace]. They don’t want to see a resolution to the conflict, and that is what is dangerous.”

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Overseas Articles Never Reported by Mass Media – November 23, 2017 –

Syria, Russia & Iran shift to diplomacy, while US and allies push for war


Finnian Cunningham
November 21, 2017

Last week, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said American forces would be staying in Syria despite the contradiction of terror groups being routed.


Mattis said the new purpose of US forces were to “prevent ISIS 2.0” arising.


Mattis also said that the expanded US forces were there to ensure the future peace talks in Geneva, resuming on November 28, would gain “traction.”


But even more sinister is the region-wide context of US force buildup <snip> Saudi Arabia and Israel, pushing for a confrontation with Iran, directly or via Lebanon and Yemen, the expanding military presence in Syria indicates war in that country is far from over. Instead, it could be but a prelude to a more devastating regional conflagration.

(The rest is omitted)